Malabon Elementary

Malabon Elementary

MalabonBoardsEnrollment: 367
Grades: Kindergarten – Grade 5
Phone number: 541-461-6421
Fax number: 541-607-9708
Address:1380 Taney, Eugene, OR 97402
School Hours: 8:15 am to 2:15 pm

Driving instructions: Beltline Road to Barger Drive. East on Barger to Taney. South (right turn) onto Taney.

Register For The New School Year

Malabon parents are encouraged to register for the new school year on August 18th and 19th.

Malabon’s office will be open on the 18th and 19th from 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Parents will be asked to update their children’s registration and health information, complete the home language information form and a field trip permission form.

Parents of new public school students are asked to bring their children’s immunization record.

For more information call the school office at 541-461-6421.

A link to our school supply list can be found in the Malabon Links column on the right side of this page.

Our School Year Comes to an End

SummerMalabon’s School Year

Comes to an End!

We are spending a lot of time celebrating our school this week. As we close our doors on this school year, we open new doors next fall. Although we are more than excited to move into our new building, it is with a bit of sadness that we say goodbye to a building that has been such a big part of our lives over the years. Here’s to Old Malabon. Thanks for the memories!





Kindergarten Completion Ceremonies: Tuesday, June 9th

10:00am/1:30pm (Malabon Gym)


Kindergarten Last Day, Wednesday, June 10th


Fifth Grade Completion CeremonyWednesday, June 10th

1:30pm (Malabon Gym)


Last Day of School (1st through 5th grade): Thursday, June 11th (Dismissal 11:15)


NOTE: report cards will be sent home with the students on the last day of school.

Thank You Malabon Volunteers!

Malabon Kids and Staff would like to thank all of our vDSC01380olunteers!






From classroom help to field trip chaperones to PTO events like our wonderful carnival this last Saturday! If you have volunteered, please stop by school this Wednesday morning any time between 7:30am and 9:30am. We are having a small breakfast in your honor! Thanks for all you do to make Malabon the wonderful school it is. We couldn’t do it without your help!


Your Malabon School


New Program Coming to Malabon this Fall!

Speaking The Language

It’s all new at Malabon.

A new program will be bringing new students to the new Malabon school this fall.

Malabon will be the 5th Bethel school to host an English Language Development program. ELD is designed to help the English skills of any and all students whose primary language is not English.

And in Bethel students’ primary languages include Thai, Russian, Spanish, Mandarin, Punjabi, Vietnamese and others.

To welcome some of the ELD students who will be joining the Malabon family in the fall, they were given a VIP tour of the new school, still under construction.

Adding the ELD program will be an exciting change for the new and current students at Malabon.


Hablar el Idioma

Todo es nuevo en Malabon.

Un nuevo programa va a traer nuevos estudiantes a la nueva escuela Malabon este otoño.

Malabon será la quinta escuela de Bethel que acogerá un programa de Desarrollo del Idioma Inglés. ELD está diseñado para ayudar a las habilidades de Inglés de cualquier y todos los estudiantes cuyo primer idioma no es el Inglés.

Y en Bethel idiomas principales de los estudiantes incluyen Tailandés, Ruso, Español, Mandarín, Punjabi, Vietnamita y otros.

Para darles la bienvenida a algunos de los estudiantes de ELD que se unirá a la familia de Malabon en el otoño, se les dio un recorrido VIP de la nueva escuela, aún en construcción.

Agregar el programa de ELD será un cambio emocionante para los nuevos y actuales estudiantes de Malabon.

Kids in the ELD program and their parents took part in a special tour of the new Malabon school, which will be home to Bethel’s newest ELD site. Los niños en el programa de ELD y sus padres participaron en un recorrido especial de la nueva escuela Malabon, que será el hogar del sitio más  de ELD de Bethel.

Kids in the ELD program and their parents took part in a special tour of the new Malabon school, which will be home to Bethel’s newest ELD site.
Los niños en el programa de ELD y sus padres participaron en un recorrido especial de la nueva escuela Malabon, que será el hogar del sitio más de ELD de Bethel.

Malabon News

Attendance is Important!

As we near the end of the 2014-2015 school year, we are  making sure all students receive many of the essential skills they need to move forward next year. State testing is in progress and classroom lessons and activities are in full swing. As you make plans for appointments or trips, please take into consideration the importance of your child’s attendance. Being on time and ready to learn everyday is the “B” in M.A.L.A.B.O.N…it is one of our guiding principles. Thank you for making it a priority in your family to be at school every day. Your support makes the biggest difference.

Classroom Placement for 2015-2016

 The Malabon School staff will soon begin the process of developing classroom placements for next year. The placement of students into individual classrooms is an important responsibility belonging to all schools. The Malabon staff devotes a great deal of time and energy to this task so that a careful and thoughtful placement can be made for every student. Our goal is for every child to be in a supportive, challenging, and successful environment. We know this is best accomplished when we create balanced, teachable classroom groups.

A team of teachers who know your child will carefully consider his/her learning needs while making classroom placements. The specialists and the principal work with this team and consider the following factors.

  • A balance of class size and age
  • A balance of academic strengths
  • A balance of learning styles
  • A balance of boys and girls
  • A balance of social skills
  • Consideration of parental information
  • Placement of students with special learning needs

Parental Information

We recognize there may be times when parents wish to share specific needs, concerns or information regarding classroom placement. A Parent Input Form is available in the front office or you can click on Classroom Placement Request form 2015-2016 for an electronic copy. This information will be considered along with the other placement factors in our effort to create balanced, teachable classroom groups. Final teacher assignments and classroom placements for students will be announced at our “Meet Your Teacher Event” in August.

Malabon Carnival Reminder

On Saturday, May 30th from 11:00-2:00 Malabon will be having it’s annual carnival. This year is a special one as it will be the last carnival we have in our old school. We will be advertising this carnival a bit more and inviting past families to come and take a final tour of the building and enjoy the festivities. It is going to be a fun event! Due to the extra invitations, it is possibly going to bring a crowd. Please consider walking or carpooling to this event. Parking is at a minimum due to construction. Hopefully the day will be sunny and walking will be an option for many!

Don’t forget to bring in box tops to trade for activity bracelets to use at the carnival. PTO members are in the cafeteria each morning to collect the box tops. Also, if you are able to donate to your classes raffle basket, please send items in as soon as possible.

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