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Bethel Schools Closed Monday, February 25th

All Bethel schools will be closed Monday, February 25th due to snow.

In the interest of student and staff safety, all of Monday’s evening activities are also cancelled.

Todas las escuelas de Bethel estarán cerradas el lunes 25 de febrero debido a la nieve. En interés de la seguridad de los estudiantes y del personal, también se cancelan todas las actividades de la tarde del lunes.

US Senator Wyden visits Kalapuya

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden has been in the middle of the Washington, D.C. discussions about a Green New Deal, the government shutdown and immigration, the Russia investigation, and actions by the Saudi Arabian government – but made time in his busy schedule to visit Kalapuya High School to learn about new ways to approach secondary education.

Education funding and graduation rates are what brought him to Kalapuya High School – where students impressed him with their unique educational programming. Students described their environmental science class partnerships with the Army Corps of Engineers and Lane County where students use GIS technology to complete field data collection and mapping as they work to restore wetlands in an effort to protect endangered species. Another student spoke of their social studies class that explored local issues of homelessness in our area, and their own engagement in building affordable housing with Habitat for Humanity construction projects and holding clothing drives that supported the downtown Mission.

The pinnacle of students’ experience at Kalapuya are individualized internships in high-skill, high wage careers. Billy Phillips, the president of Reynolds Electric shared his perspectives with Senator Wyden on the benefits of providing students, like Delaney Aguirre, internship opportunities in the career fields of choice. Thanks to a successful internship at Reynolds Electric, Delaney is now registering for a college class at Lane Community College, paid for by Kalapuya, and will be applying to the full electricians apprenticeship program in Tangent, Oregon.

Wyden talked with a small group of students before taking questions from the entire student body. KHS was grateful for his visit, but more appreciative that he listened.


Ping Pong Champs!

The Kalapuya Table Tennis squad posing with the new trophy.

David v Goliath: It is rare for a state powerhouse 5A high school to agree to compete against a tiny 1A school – but Willamette and Kalapuya High Schools did indeed meet for a second annual table tennis tournament, and for the second year in a row Kalapuya vanquished their nearby neighbor. It was a remarkable show of sportsmanship on both sides of the net, with amazing points and sets won by both schools – but the Coyotes will bring the trophy back to the den again.

“We thought this might be a rebuilding year,” defensive coach Wil Larson commented, “but the team set ambitious goals and held each other accountable.”

Offensive coordinator Naz Zydycryn added, “We went through some turmoil early in the season, but adversity made us stronger and our guys came together as a family.”

 “Our team never stopped believing in each other, even when the critics said we could never pull it off,” added first year Coach Quincy Gill. Congrats to Alex, Corbin, Kavin, Brayden, Kam, Josh, Mesziah, Sean, Nate, Galen, and Carlos!

Kalapuya News


Electives Week @ Kalapuya

Students this last week worked on creating tile mosaics, built a trellis for fruiting vines on the farm, made their own holiday gifts, mountain-biked world-famous trails, learned how to boulder, and even completed a multi-day field study to the California Redwoods. These were just some of the interesting projects and activities happening at Kalapuya during our annual ‘Electives Week.’  




Less interesting (but state required posts) below!

Immunization Rates

Immunization Results
Under a state law we are required to share our school 
and the County’s immunization rates with you twice a year. Enjoy.

Resultados de la inmunización
Bajo una ley estatal estamos obligados a compartir nuestra escuela y las tasas de vacunación del condado con usted dos veces al año. Disfrutar.

Testing Opt Out

State Testing Approaches

Here is some important information about this school year’s state tests.

Each spring, Oregon students in grades 3-8 and 11 participate in state assessments in English Language Arts and Math. Rather than multiple-choice questions, today’s tests ask students to explain their reasoning and, often, write out their answers. The new assessments measure more complex skills such as critical-thinking, writing, and problem solving so that schools and parents can assess whether children are on-track to graduate high school ready for college or a career.

Students will take the state tests again this coming spring. While the tests in English Language Arts and Math cannot tell us everything about your child’s academic progress, the results do act as a snapshot of your child’s strengths and areas for improvement in those subject areas. The tests help Bethel School District get a more complete and accurate picture of how all Bethel students are performing, as we assess curriculum, review instructional strategies, distribute resources, and continue to improve our educational system.

Click here if you have general questions or want more information about the Oregon State Assessments.

Bethel has always had a high participation rate on state assessments as both parents and staff have found value in this “point-in-time” check on the progress of our students and our educational system. However, parents in Oregon have the option to opt their children out of the state assessments. Here is the form that explains how you can opt your child(ren) out of state assessments this spring. Should you wish to opt your child out, please read the information carefully then print, complete, and return the form to our school’s main office by January 8th, 2019.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Stefan Aumack

Enfoques de prueba del estado

Aquí se presenta información importante sobre las pruebas escolares estatales de este año.

Cada primavera, los estudiantes de Oregón en los grados 3 a 8 y 11 participan en evaluaciones estatales en Artes de la lengua inglesa y Matemática. En lugar de preguntas de opción múltiple, la prueba de hoy les pide a los estudiantes que expliquen su razonamiento y, a menudo, que escriban sus respuestas. Las nuevas evaluaciones miden habilidades más complejas como el pensamiento crítico, la escritura y la resolución de problemas, de manera que las escuelas y los padres puedan evaluar si sus niños están en buen camino para graduarse de la secundaria, están listos para la universidad o una carrera profesional.

Los estudiantes tomarán las pruebas estatales nuevamente la próxima primavera. A pesar de que las pruebas de Artes de la lengua inglesa y Matemáticas no nos dicen todo sobre el progreso académico de su hijo, los resultados funcionan como una instantánea de las fortalezas y áreas de mejora de su hijo en esas materias. Las pruebas ayudan al Distrito Escolar de Bethel a tener una imagen más completa y precisa de cuán bien se desempeñan los estudiantes de Bethel, ya que evaluamos el plan de estudios, revisamos las estrategias institucionales, distribuimos recursos y seguimos mejorando nuestro sistema educativo.

Aquí hay una hoja de datos si tiene preguntas generales o si desea obtener más información sobre las Evaluaciones del Estado de Oregón.

Bethel siempre ha tenido una alta tasa de participación en las evaluaciones estatales, ya que tanto los padres como el personal han encontrado valor en esta verificación del “punto en el tiempo” del progreso de nuestros estudiantes y nuestro sistema educativo. Sin embargo, los padres en Oregón tiene la opción de elegir que sus hijos no participen en las evaluaciones del estado. Aquí hay un formulario y más información que le explica cómo puede elegir que su(s) hijo(s) no tome las evaluaciones estatales esta primavera. Si desea elegir que su hijo no participe, lea cuidadosamente la información y luego imprima, complete y envíe el formulario a la oficina principal de nuestra escuela antes del 8 de enero de 2019.

Si tiene preguntas, no dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo.

Stefan Aumack

Kalapuya Report Card

The state collects data for every school in the state – but unfortunately has not developed measures that compare similar (alt ed) schools to one another, and instead compare them to mainstream schools.  This report card is a snapshot in time and does not reflect the success that many of our students who stay with us achieve. Click here to see Kalapuya’s 2017 report card. 

Community Collaboration Benefits Students

A partnership between State Senator James Manning, the Oregon Black Education Foundation, NextStep Recycling and Kalapuya High School has become a source of support for students.

Kalapuya students Nathan Tena, Delaney Aguirre and Orion Trent were presented free refurbished laptops courtesy of NextStep Recycling and State Senator James Manning (back right).

Together they arranged for three KHS students to get free refurbished laptops from NextStep.

Seniors Nathan Tena, Delaney Aguirre and Orion Trent were selected as winners of a Kalapuya essay competition in which students described their future career ambitions and explained how owning a computer would help them on their path.

Senator Manning remembers growing up without many of the resources that other kids enjoyed, and he knows there are students who only need a small boost in order to really take off.

That’s why plans are now underway to ensure that all 12 KHS students who submitted an essay will be getting their own free refurbished computer from NextStep.

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