Kalapuya High School

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Kalapuya Plant Sale

Hanging baskets, organic vegetable starts, perennial flowers, and more are available at the annual Kalapuya Plant Sale, Saturday, May 11th.

Flower baskets, zinnias, peppers, tomatoes, bush beans, squash, and succulents are some of the plants available at Kalapuya High School (1200 N. Terry) from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  You are encouraged to get there early for this popular event.

Proceeds from this plant sale support the hugely successful agriculture program at Kalapuya.

Kalapuya Calendar

We wanted to remind everyone of calendar changes for the end of the year due to the snow storms and teacher walkout tomorrow. 

  • There will be no school on Wednesday, May 8th.

We will make up the snow days by having school on two days previously not scheduled to have students.

  • We WILL have school on Friday, May 17th
  • We WILL have school on Thursday, May 13th
  • The ‘Kalapalooza’ evening will be on Friday, June 7th (3:30-6:00 – more info to come later)

Kalapuya GRADUATION! will be Friday, June 14th at 6:30 pm.

And don’t forget, Saturday, May 11th is our Mother’s Day Plant Sale at Kalapuya!


Message From Superintendent on Teacher Walkout

I want to bring your attention to action planned by the Eugene Education Association that will impact our schools in Bethel on Wednesday, May 8, 2019. You may have already heard about this in the media.

This is what we know. In an effort to rally support for increased funding for K-12 education, Eugene Education Association leadership in Bethel has indicated that the majority of licensed school staff have pledged to a “walkout” and therefore will not show up for work on Wednesday, May 8th. They will instead be attending rallies in Eugene and at the state capitol. It will not be possible to find enough substitute teachers to cover all classrooms and safely operate schools, so we will have no choice but to close all Bethel schools for the day. The district will approach this event like a snow day, with only essential staff reporting to work, such as building front office staff, administrators, custodians and maintenance staff.

The district fully understands the intent of the actions planned for May 8th, but we also have the important daily responsibility of educating, guiding, feeding, and transporting 5,400 students. The walkout will create a hardship for families and the district cannot sponsor or support this action. We also know our educators are caring individuals who are completely dedicated to their students, and they want increased funding to better support all students. Eugene Education Association has been transparent in their intentions for May 8th, giving time for parents/guardians to make arrangements for their child’s care on this day.


  • The District will work with preschool programs and school-based child care providers who will communicate directly with families regarding operating on this day
  • IB testing at WHS will take place as scheduled
  • After school youth sports schedules will not be interrupted
  • Principal Stefan Aumack will send out information regarding other events and programs specific to Kalapuya that are scheduled for May 8th

This missed school day will not be made up at the end of the school year in June. The make-up snow days from February have extended the school year beyond what is normally scheduled and Continue reading

PeaceHealth RiverBend hosts Kalapuya Students

Mary Kingston, PeaceHealth CEO, addresses Kalapuya students

Peace Health Medical Center at RiverBend hosted a group of Kalapuya seniors interested in pursuing careers in the medical field. Students were first addressed by Mary Kingston, the PeaceHealth CEO, and a panel of experts including a pediatric surgeon, who shared her own educational pathway from a local community college through medical school, the manager for medical social work for the hospital, the director of nutrition services, a physical therapist, and the educator for sterile processing. Students then went on a behind-the-scenes tour where they visited other experts in the hospital and were introduced to state-of-the-art imaging machines. PeaceHeath catered a lunch and held a final Q & A for students. The array of potential careers was evident in the tour and several students will be pursuing medical-field internships at the medical center. Kamren Garrett was especially excited for the opportunity: “I really enjoyed the radiology part of the tour because it’s what I want to do once I get out of high school. I got to meet and shake hands with actual radiologists and ask them for advice in getting into the field which was very valuable and nerve calming or me. Getting to see the types of machinery and technology they have to use was great insight for me and really confirmed for me that this is a position that I think I would like working in.” PeaceHealth is already working with Kalapuya students this year on internships and individual career pathway planning. Many thanks to PeaceHealth for putting together such a rich and wonderful career exploration day for our students and supporting individual students on their career paths!

Welcome Back! Bethel Schools Operating On Time Friday

Every Bethel school is open and starting on time today, Friday, March 1st.

Buses are on their normal schedules and school dismissal will be at its regular time.

Our parking lot is still very wet with large piles of snow, so drivers are asked to please exercise caution and bring extra patience.

Todas las escuelas de Bethel están abiertas y comienzan a tiempo hoy, viernes 1 de marzo.

Los autobuses están en sus horarios normales y la salida de la escuela estará en su horario habitual.

Nuestro estacionamiento todavía está muy mojado con grandes montones de nieve, por lo que se les pide a los conductores que tengan cuidado y traigan paciencia extra.