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Student-Led Conferences Rescheduled/ Conferencias dirigidas por los estudiantes reprogramadas

Student-led conferences have been rescheduled for February 15th and 16th. Because of conferences, February 17th will now be a no-school day.

In the next couple of weeks, please expect your student to bring you a sign-up sheet for a conference slot. It is essential that every Kalapuya student has the opportunity to conduct a student-led conference. These conferences give students a great opportunity to show off everything they’ve learned. They also are an important time to discuss their graduation plan and to reflect on what exciting future things are in store for them after graduation.

I hope to see you all there!

Kee Zublin


Las conferencias dirigidas por los estudiantes han sido reprogramadas para los días 15 y 16 de febrero. Debido a las conferencias, el 17 de febrero será ahora un día sin clases.

En las próximas dos semanas, por favor espere que su estudiante le traiga una hoja de inscripción para una ranura de la conferencia. Es esencial que cada estudiante de Kalapuya tenga la oportunidad de conducir una conferencia dirigida por los estudiantes. Estas conferencias dan a los estudiantes una gran oportunidad para mostrar todo lo que han aprendido. También son un momento importante para discutir su plan de graduación y para reflexionar sobre lo emocionante de las cosas futuras que están en el almacén para ellos después de la graduación.

¡Espero verlos a todos ustedes allí!

Kee Zublin

All Bethel Schools Closed Monday, January 9

In the interest of student and staff safety, all Bethel schools will be closed Monday, January 9th.

While conditions on the main roads have improved overnight, the neighborhood streets and sidewalks – and school parking lots – remain covered with ice and slush.

An announcement about Monday’s evening activities will be made later today.

Todas las escuelas están cerradas el lunes, 9 de enero, debido a la nieve y el hielo.

Bethel Schools On 2-Hour Delay

All Bethel schools are on a 2-hour delay Friday, January 6th. For Kalapuya, classes will begin at 10:50.

A cold breakfast will be available and a lunch will also be served.

Dismissal will be at our regular time.

Some side roads and sidewalks are slick, and caution is urged on the morning commute. Parents are encouraged to use their best judgement about their child’s school attendance.

Schools Closed Thursday; Make-Up Days Coming

In the interest of student and staff safety, Bethel School District schools will be closed Thursday, January 5th due to the ice and snow. All evening activities are also cancelled.

The City of Eugene has issued an ice-snow emergency, asking us to stay off the roads. And the forecast calls for frigid temperatures throughout the day Thursday, which means the slick driving conditions are not expected to significantly improve.

This will be the 5th Snow Day in Bethel and winter has only just begun. We have also had one 2-hour delay.

As a result, days will need to be made-up during the week of June 19th. The number of make-up days has not yet been determined, but please make plans now for all Bethel schools to be in session that week.

Bethel Schools Closed Wednesday, January 4th

Check local media, the Bethel home page, the Kalapuya webpage, or Bethel's Facebook page for updated news on school closures or delays.

Check local media, the Bethel home page, the Kalapuya webpage, or Bethel’s Facebook page for updated news on school closures or delays.

All Bethel schools will be closed Wednesday, January 4th, due to snow.

In the interest of student and staff safety, all of Wednesday’s evening activities are also cancelled.

The District hopes to resume classes on Thursday, January 5th.