Bethel School District Eugene OR

Art Blooms At The Farm

Esteban Camacho finishes installing his mural with Danielle Kinkebiel (Huerto de la Familia) and Ethan Bottensek (Kalapuya student), The Abundant Web, at the Bethel Farm.

An incredible mural is now on permanent display at the Bethel Farm, courtesy of a young, local artist.

Esteban Camacho received funding from the Art Bridges Foundation to create “The Abundant Web.”

The mural shows people above ground and the workings below the surface, and the inter-connectedness of people with the earth.

Camacho had a hand with this piece. Kalapuya High School students and families from Huerto de la Familia, who have a community garden plot at the Farm, helped paint some of the base colors.

After being on display at the UO’s Schnitzer Museum of Art all summer, the mural is now a permanent feature of the Bethel Farm, making a wonderful place even more beautiful.

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