Bethel School District Eugene OR

PeaceHealth RiverBend hosts Kalapuya Students

Mary Kingston, PeaceHealth CEO, addresses Kalapuya students

Peace Health Medical Center at RiverBend hosted a group of Kalapuya seniors interested in pursuing careers in the medical field. Students were first addressed by Mary Kingston, the PeaceHealth CEO, and a panel of experts including a pediatric surgeon, who shared her own educational pathway from a local community college through medical school, the manager for medical social work for the hospital, the director of nutrition services, a physical therapist, and the educator for sterile processing. Students then went on a behind-the-scenes tour where they visited other experts in the hospital and were introduced to state-of-the-art imaging machines. PeaceHeath catered a lunch and held a final Q & A for students. The array of potential careers was evident in the tour and several students will be pursuing medical-field internships at the medical center. Kamren Garrett was especially excited for the opportunity: “I really enjoyed the radiology part of the tour because it’s what I want to do once I get out of high school. I got to meet and shake hands with actual radiologists and ask them for advice in getting into the field which was very valuable and nerve calming or me. Getting to see the types of machinery and technology they have to use was great insight for me and really confirmed for me that this is a position that I think I would like working in.” PeaceHealth is already working with Kalapuya students this year on internships and individual career pathway planning. Many thanks to PeaceHealth for putting together such a rich and wonderful career exploration day for our students and supporting individual students on their career paths!

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