Bethel School District Eugene OR

Ping Pong Champs!

The Kalapuya Table Tennis squad posing with the new trophy.

David v Goliath: It is rare for a state powerhouse 5A high school to agree to compete against a tiny 1A school – but Willamette and Kalapuya High Schools did indeed meet for a second annual table tennis tournament, and for the second year in a row Kalapuya vanquished their nearby neighbor. It was a remarkable show of sportsmanship on both sides of the net, with amazing points and sets won by both schools – but the Coyotes will bring the trophy back to the den again.

“We thought this might be a rebuilding year,” defensive coach Wil Larson commented, “but the team set ambitious goals and held each other accountable.”

Offensive coordinator Naz Zydycryn added, “We went through some turmoil early in the season, but adversity made us stronger and our guys came together as a family.”

 “Our team never stopped believing in each other, even when the critics said we could never pull it off,” added first year Coach Quincy Gill. Congrats to Alex, Corbin, Kavin, Brayden, Kam, Josh, Mesziah, Sean, Nate, Galen, and Carlos!

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