Bethel School District Eugene OR

Community Collaboration Benefits Students

A partnership between State Senator James Manning, the Oregon Black Education Foundation, NextStep Recycling and Kalapuya High School has become a source of support for students.

Kalapuya students Nathan Tena, Delaney Aguirre and Orion Trent were presented free refurbished laptops courtesy of NextStep Recycling and State Senator James Manning (back right).

Together they arranged for three KHS students to get free refurbished laptops from NextStep.

Seniors Nathan Tena, Delaney Aguirre and Orion Trent were selected as winners of a Kalapuya essay competition in which students described their future career ambitions and explained how owning a computer would help them on their path.

Senator Manning remembers growing up without many of the resources that other kids enjoyed, and he knows there are students who only need a small boost in order to really take off.

That’s why plans are now underway to ensure that all 12 KHS students who submitted an essay will be getting their own free refurbished computer from NextStep.

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