Bethel School District Eugene OR

Going With The Flow

Now, this is a field trip!

Kalapuya High School students paddled 32 miles down the Willamette River, from Salem nearly to Portland.

Navigating tandem and triple canoes for three days, students covered small rapids and swift moving water while keeping an eye out for Osprey, Bald Eagles, Kingfishers, and Blue and Green Herons.

Their service-learning project was coordinated by the Oregon Youth Conservation Corps with Oregon State Parks and Willamette Riverkeepers.

Students camped on the riverbank, weeded and mulched native plants in a restored river floodplain, and even went elbow-deep into mud to harvest Wapato bulbs, a Native American food source that the students roasted over a campfire.

Along the way they learned about the ecological impact of intact waterways, and were enlightened on the historical uses of the river.


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