Bethel School District To Test Drinking Water

Bethel School District has proactively chosen to test the water in our schools, including Kalapuya, responding to concerns raised throughout the country about the possibility of lead in school drinking water.

The samples from all drinking water sources in all Bethel schools will be tested as soon as school is out for summer. This will allow an independent professional environmental service to access the water sources without interruption in order to ensure the most accurate testing.

The samples may take at least 10 business days to process but the results will be immediately shared with families and staff. While there are no federal or state requirements that schools test their water, the safety of the students in our care is our highest priority.

Kalapuya Closed Monday

Due to continued icy conditions, classes have been cancelled at Kalapuya High School today, Monday, January 4th.

Students in Bethel’s elementary, Middle and K-8 schools already had a no-school day due to a staff inservice. That staff inservice has also been cancelled.

Roads and sidewalks are very icy and the weather forecast indicates that freezing temperatures will continue throughout the morning, when buses would be on the road.

We anticipate that improving weather conditions will result in a normal day of school Tuesday.

EWEB Visit Inspires Students

Lena Kostopulos, Human Resources Manager, addresses Kalapuya student body

Lena Kostopulos, Human Resources Manager, addresses Kalapuya student body

In an effort to give back to the community, eleven members of EWEB’s Human Resources department visited Kalapuya on a Monday morning to share valuable insights and opportunities with students. During an entire-school assembly, EWEB members shared general workplace readiness skillsets students should consider bringing into any job, and identified specific EWEB career pathways possible for students.

After meeting with the entire student body, the EWEB team worked specifically with graduating seniors to conduct mock interviews, providing coaching and feedback to students who had earlier in the week prepared for their visit.

The building was abuzz after students learned of apprenticeship programs and journeyman wages, and several students began angling immediately for an opportunity to get experience at and work toward a career with EWEB. After experiencing success last year with a pilot internship program, we are excited to continue to introduce more students to multiple career paths through internship experiences in the various departments at EWEB.

The EWEB HR team and Kalapuya Seniors

The EWEB HR team and Kalapuya Seniors

The Kalapuya culture of excellence would not be sustainable without committed community partners willing to envision brighter futures for our students. EWEB’s significant investment of time and energy spent with our student body was greatly appreciated and had an immediate impact on students.

Roy Taylor goes through the paces with a mock interview.

Roy Taylor goes through the paces with a mock interview.

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