Visit the Bethel Farm

Bethel School District has a farm!  With the hard work of volunteers, donors, Kalapuya High School students and teachers, and Farm Manager Kasey White, four acres nestled between Kalapuya and Prairie Mountain School have been transformed. They are now filled with rows of cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, sunflowers, and more, including a beautiful barn. Come see what’s happening at the farm and learn about the plans for this amazing project.


Kasey White in front of the new barn

Thursdays, October 6th and 13th, from 2:00-5:00 the community is welcome to try free farm fresh produce, tour the farm, take part in kids’ activities, and meet Farmer Kasey. See you at the farm!


Farm Manager Kasey White informs shocked students that popcorn is actually a plant

The first day for Kalapuya High School students looked just a little bit different this year. Students returned to find that a 4-acre farm had sprouted up over the summer -complete with crops, a barn, a solar array, and even a district farmer.

Of course, all of this didn’t just magically spring up; the farm is the product of literally thousands of hours of work by students on the Kalapuya Summer Crew, staff and volunteers from the community.

Students and staff couldn’t wait to incorporate Bethel’s new District Farm into their learning. Other students of all ages across the district will soon have their chance, and Kalapuya students will practice their leadership skills guiding students of all ages through hands-on learning on the farm.



Students in Bonnie Nussbaum’s class get an up-close view of the farm’s giant sunflowers

El primer día para los estudiantes de secundaria Kalapuya parecía sólo un poco diferente este año . Los estudiantes volvieron a encontrar que una granja de 4 acres había brotado por encima del -Complete verano con los cultivos, un granero , un panel solar , e incluso un agricultor del distrito.

Por supuesto , todas estas consideraciones no eran mágicamente brotan ; la granja es el producto de literalmente miles de horas de trabajo por los estudiantes en el Crew Kalapuya verano , el personal y los voluntarios de la comunidad .

Los estudiantes y el personal no podía esperar para incorporar nuevos Granja Distrito de Bethel en su aprendizaje . Otros estudiantes de todas las edades en todo el distrito pronto tendrán su oportunidad de venir a aprender en la granja , y los estudiantes Kalapuya practicarán sus habilidades de liderazgo a los estudiantes de todas las edades guía a través de prácticas de aprendizaje en la granja.



We promised we would share news about the water testing at our school as soon as it was received, and the results are finally in. Kalapuya has no elevated levels of lead in any of the 10 sources tested.

It was hoped that we could have shared this information weeks ago, but receiving the water test results has taken much longer than anticipated because of the high number of schools throughout Oregon testing their water this summer.

We are looking forward to welcoming students back to Kalapuya soon!

KHS-GraduationThe Kalapuya High School class of 2016 has been celebrated in a commencement ceremony that featured personal recognition of all 32 graduates.

The bar keeps getting set higher by each successive year of Kalapuya seniors. This year’s graduating class established school records for the number of combined college credits earned and the amount of college scholarship money awarded.

Senior speeches were delivered by Cambria Jarrett, Jose Mora, Hanna Rodriguez and Mariah Sanchez. Many of the grads showed an impressive amount of determination after arriving at KHS with few high school credits.

Some persisted through a long climb toward graduation that included attending school as well as night school, while working at jobs and caring for family members.

Congratulations to the KHS class of 2016!

Bethel School District has proactively chosen to test the water in our schools, including Kalapuya, responding to concerns raised throughout the country about the possibility of lead in school drinking water.

The samples from all drinking water sources in all Bethel schools will be tested as soon as school is out for summer. This will allow an independent professional environmental service to access the water sources without interruption in order to ensure the most accurate testing.

The samples may take at least 10 business days to process but the results will be immediately shared with families and staff. While there are no federal or state requirements that schools test their water, the safety of the students in our care is our highest priority.

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