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No School Wednesday

This is a reminder that there will be no school in Bethel this Wednesday, May 8th. Eugene Education Association leadership in Bethel has indicated that the majority of licensed school staff have pledged to a “walkout” in order to rally for increased state funding for K-12 education.  Here is more information on the walkout from the Register-Guard. Because of the walkout, we will close all Bethel schools for the day.

The District has arranged for free breakfast and lunch to be served on Wednesday at Cascade Middle School. The meals will be free to any Bethel children ages 1-18. No registration is required, but we cannot provide food for parents or guardians and all food must be eaten on site.

  • Breakfast is from 9:00 – 9:30 a.m., and lunch is 11:30 – 1:00 p.m. Child supervision will not be provided.

In addition, the Bethel Health Center will be open Wednesday. The Health Center is located on the north side of Cascade Middle School and it serves all Bethel students and Bethel staff and their families. Call the Health Center at 541-607-1430.

Contact our school office with any questions.



Irving Information

Counselor’s Corner

May 2019

Wow – the year keeps cruising right along!  In May, I will be coming to classes for my final guidance lessons for this year.  During my guidance visits, we will play Jeopardy review games for the year.  The game is played with each class against me and we’ve had a blast reviewing previous lessons and finding areas to learn for next year! 

We are currently in the middle of our final round of counseling small groups which will finish the week of June 10th.  As with each round of counseling groups, students can be referred both by staff and/or families, so please feel free to reach out at the beginning of next year if you’re interested in having your child participate.

Additionally, there is an important and exciting event coming to LCC this Saturday at 10:00am.  Please see the flyer below and bring your experience and expertise!


Elizabeth Johnson

Irving School Counselor

541.688.2620 x2413


Outdoor School Fun

Outdoor School

Irving 5th Grade student gets ready to do the zipline!


Learning the skill of Archery

This spring every 5th grade student in Bethel gets the opportunity to attend Outdoor School. Irving 5th grade students are at Outdoor School this week.  The purpose of Outdoor School is to provide students with hands-on, local science education to support and extend what students have been learning in the classroom.  Irving students are having lots of fun, building teamwork skills, making new friends, and engaged in exciting learning.  Students even get to zipline out at Grove Camp, located near Dorena Lake in Cottage Grove.  

2019 PTO Jog-a-thon Information

Irving Families,

The 2019 Irving PTO Jog-a-thon is right around the corner! The Jog-a-thon will be held on Friday, May 31st.  In order to raise as much money as possible to support PTO and the Irving School Community, the PTO has an online fundraising option for families.  Please read the information below to find out how to use online fundraising for your child.  Students can also collect pledges and donations with Jog-a-thon envelopes going home this Friday.  

About this fundraiser

Irving Elementary School PTO is dedicated to supporting the Irving School Community. We raise funds each year to provide teachers with classroom supplies, pay for all field trips, updated school technology, and even additional teaching time! 

We want all students to have access to engaging learning and experiences while at Irving. Your donations and pledges will help in supporting teachers and all students at Irving. Thank you for your support!

Your donations will help pay for

  • New technology for classrooms
  • Teacher supplies
  • Additional teacher/educational assistant hours
  • Online reading and typing programs

To find your student’s donation page follow instructions below:

Use this website:

Select grade level your student is in from the menu under “All participants.”

Select your student by clicking on their name. (Can’t find their name….click on show more or type student first name in search for participant area)

To Donate: Click on blue Donate button and follow instructions

  • If making per lap donation, you will be charged after the final number of laps is entered for the student. You will see an estimated amount based on 20 laps.  This is not the amount you will be charged unless student runs 20 laps J The final amount could be more or less than the estimated amount.

Help Spread the Word!

Share your student’s page with friends and family.  Use the facebook button, tweet button, or email button from your child’s page to share out.   

Thank you for supporting the Irving PTO Jog-a-thon!

Message From Superintendent on Teacher Walkout

I want to bring your attention to action planned by the Eugene Education Association that will impact our schools in Bethel on Wednesday, May 8, 2019. You may have already heard about this in the media.

This is what we know. In an effort to rally support for increased funding for K-12 education, Eugene Education Association leadership in Bethel has indicated that the majority of licensed school staff have pledged to a “walkout” and therefore will not show up for work on Wednesday, May 8th. They will instead be attending rallies in Eugene and at the state capitol. It will not be possible to find enough substitute teachers to cover all classrooms and safely operate schools, so we will have no choice but to close all Bethel schools for the day. The district will approach this event like a snow day, with only essential staff reporting to work, such as building front office staff, administrators, custodians and maintenance staff.

The district fully understands the intent of the actions planned for May 8th, but we also have the important daily responsibility of educating, guiding, feeding, and transporting 5,400 students. The walkout will create a hardship for families and the district cannot sponsor or support this action. We also know our educators are caring individuals who are completely dedicated to their students, and they want increased funding to better support all students. Eugene Education Association has been transparent in their intentions for May 8th, giving time for parents/guardians to make arrangements for their child’s care on this day.


  • The District will work with preschool programs and school-based child care providers who will communicate directly with families regarding operating on this day
  • IB testing at WHS will take place as scheduled
  • After school youth sports schedules will not be interrupted
  • Principal Nathan Bridgens will send out information regarding other events and programs specific to Irving that are scheduled for May 8th

This missed school day will not be made up at the end of the school year in June. The make-up snow days from February have extended the school year beyond what is normally scheduled and Continue reading

Irving News

Outdoor School Parent Meeting

Attention 5th Grade Parents.  Outdoor School Parent Meeting is on Tuesday, April 2nd from 6:00-7:00pm at Fairfield Elementary School.  Please come to the meeting to find out details about Outdoor School and get any questions you have answered.  We are looking forward to seeing 5th Grade parents tomorrow night at Fairfield Elementary.  


Book Fair

Irving families come check out the Book Fair at Irving this week!  The April Book Fair is Buy one Get one Free!  The Book Fair is located in the library and will be open on the following days and times:

Monday April 1          8:00-8:30    2:30-5:00pm

Tuesday April 2         8:00-8:30    2:30-5:00pm

Wednesday April 3   8:00-8:30    2:30-5:00pm

Thursday April 4       8:00-8:30    2:30-8:00pm