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Counselor’s Corner

September 2019

Welcome Back!

My name is Elizabeth Johnson and I am the school counselor at Irving on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays.  This is my fourteenth year as a school counselor and my fourth year at Irving.  Additionally, we have very exciting news that we have another school counselor, Will Davidson, who is at Irving Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings.  This is Will’s first year and he is also the school counselor at Danebo.  We’re thrilled to have him join our team!

During September, I am visiting all K-5 classes at Irving and introducing myself to the students, Will is also making himself available to meet and get to know as many students as possible.  It has been a blast to meet each of them and share a bit about ourselves and the role of the school counselor.  In the coming months, as part of our comprehensive guidance curriculum, we will be teaching lessons in all classes reinforcing the Irving Pillars, as well as addressing academic, personal/social and career development.

Additionally, we will run a variety of small counseling groups throughout the year.  We work on developing skills including: building friendships, impulse control, anger management, academic solutions and addressing changing families (including divorce, grief, or other changes in living situations).  If you are interested in having your child participate, please feel free to contact one of us or your child’s classroom teacher.

Please stop by our shared office (located behind the main office) and we look forward to meeting or reconnecting with you! J


Elizabeth Johnson & Will Davidson

Irving Elementary School Counselors

541.688.2620 x2413





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