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May 2019

Wow – the year keeps cruising right along!  In May, I will be coming to classes for my final guidance lessons for this year.  During my guidance visits, we will play Jeopardy review games for the year.  The game is played with each class against me and we’ve had a blast reviewing previous lessons and finding areas to learn for next year! 

We are currently in the middle of our final round of counseling small groups which will finish the week of June 10th.  As with each round of counseling groups, students can be referred both by staff and/or families, so please feel free to reach out at the beginning of next year if you’re interested in having your child participate.

Additionally, there is an important and exciting event coming to LCC this Saturday at 10:00am.  Please see the flyer below and bring your experience and expertise!


Elizabeth Johnson

Irving School Counselor

541.688.2620 x2413


Outdoor School Fun

Outdoor School

Irving 5th Grade student gets ready to do the zipline!


Learning the skill of Archery

This spring every 5th grade student in Bethel gets the opportunity to attend Outdoor School. Irving 5th grade students are at Outdoor School this week.  The purpose of Outdoor School is to provide students with hands-on, local science education to support and extend what students have been learning in the classroom.  Irving students are having lots of fun, building teamwork skills, making new friends, and engaged in exciting learning.  Students even get to zipline out at Grove Camp, located near Dorena Lake in Cottage Grove.  

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