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2019 PTO Jog-a-thon Information

Irving Families,

The 2019 Irving PTO Jog-a-thon is right around the corner! The Jog-a-thon will be held on Friday, May 31st.  In order to raise as much money as possible to support PTO and the Irving School Community, the PTO has an online fundraising option for families.  Please read the information below to find out how to use online fundraising for your child.  Students can also collect pledges and donations with Jog-a-thon envelopes going home this Friday.  

About this fundraiser

Irving Elementary School PTO is dedicated to supporting the Irving School Community. We raise funds each year to provide teachers with classroom supplies, pay for all field trips, updated school technology, and even additional teaching time! 

We want all students to have access to engaging learning and experiences while at Irving. Your donations and pledges will help in supporting teachers and all students at Irving. Thank you for your support!

Your donations will help pay for

  • New technology for classrooms
  • Teacher supplies
  • Additional teacher/educational assistant hours
  • Online reading and typing programs

To find your student’s donation page follow instructions below:

Use this website:

Select grade level your student is in from the menu under “All participants.”

Select your student by clicking on their name. (Can’t find their name….click on show more or type student first name in search for participant area)

To Donate: Click on blue Donate button and follow instructions

  • If making per lap donation, you will be charged after the final number of laps is entered for the student. You will see an estimated amount based on 20 laps.  This is not the amount you will be charged unless student runs 20 laps J The final amount could be more or less than the estimated amount.

Help Spread the Word!

Share your student’s page with friends and family.  Use the facebook button, tweet button, or email button from your child’s page to share out.   

Thank you for supporting the Irving PTO Jog-a-thon!

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