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Parking Lot RemindersParking Lot

If you are dropping off your student in the morning or picking up in the afternoon we are asking you to use the main parking lot.  If you need to get out of your car we are asking parents to use a parking spot.  Please do not leave your unattended vehicle in a driving lane.  Parked cars need to be able to back out. 

The small south parking lot will not be used for student drop off or pick up during school hours 7:30am-4:00pm. The south parking lot will be for Irving and Afterschool Club Staff only. To ensure the safety of students, all drop off and pick up of students will occur in the main parking lot where there is supervision.   

In order to ensure student safety, traffic flow in the parking lot is one way.  Please do not exit the parking lot at the north entrance.

Kindergarten and First grade teachers walk their students to the front of the school for dismissal. All other students will walk to the front of the school for dismissal. Some students have bikes in the back nearest the playground. 2nd-5th students may exit gates to get their bikes and go home.

Thank you for following Irving Parking Lot Expectations!

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