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DOK Differentiation

Every classroom has a variety of learners and it takes strategic, intentional planning to meet the needs of all students. Webb’s Depth of Knowledge wheel provides a nice framework for teachers to use daily, in both their planning and teaching. Oregon’s state standards require all students to perform tasks across the four levels. Please see below:

In an effort to provide differentiation for students needing a challenge, it is common for teachers to assign more work through projects, book reports, and other extensions. However, teachers can differentiate daily, across all content areas, by focusing on questions at level 3 and level 4 for students performing at higher levels.

To learn more about Webb’s Depth of Knowledge wheel and how you can apply it to your teaching, click here.

6 Responses to DOK Differentiation

  • I appreciate the circle with the Webb’s Depth of Knowledge wheel . I will apply it.

  • I think I can use this for one of my “Done Early?” activities for when students finish a task before I’m ready to move the whole group on to something else.

  • This is a nice reference to have next to you while teaching. It can really help to enhance discourse.

  • I was thinking about photocopying this two-sided document for each week’s reading instruction, and using it as a handy note-taking page for planing questions at the various DOKs.

  • Such a great tool to use to differentiate questions during a lesson…pre-planning your questions will ensure that you are meeting the needs of all learners. And don’t forget to have your students answer questions in a variety of ways so that they have multiple opportunities to communicate. Engagement and practice for all students will bring them so far!

  • This is such a wonderful reminder. I agree that I need to print this out and keep it near me when I teach. I love that this version incudes so many additional responses to clarify all four levels.

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