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Allergy Season Is Upon Us


Asthma and allergies are on the rise – Spring is upon us

Does your child show signs of asthma?

  • Coughing with or without sickness
  • Not able to ‘catch his/her breath’ after exercise
  • ‘Whistling’ or ‘wheezing’ heard when breathing
  • Cold air or temperature changes makes breathing worse
  • Being in a smoky environment makes breathing worse
  • Does your child sleep poorly because of his/her cough?

If your child has known asthma:

  • Is the inhaler expired?
  • Is your child using the inhaler more than 3-4 times a day
  • Does your child’s cough make him/her vomit
  • Remember these common triggers: exercise, smoke, pollen, dust, air pollution, animal fur, colds, flu and other respiratory infections

What should the parent do?  Make a doctor’s appointment and work with your child’s physician to complete a plan, which should include:  individualized information about your child’s asthma symptoms, daily medications, rescue inhaler or nebulizer treatments, any physical activity limitations or need for inhaler before strenuous activities, and specific instructions about what to do and whom to call if an asthma attack does not improve with medication. A free Asthma Action Plan form is available online at, or call 1-800-LUNG-USA for a copy.


*Please bring all medications to the school healthroom. Remember, a doctor’s order must be labeled clearly on the inhaler and medication bottle; the parent must sign the medication form before it can be given.


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