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Why Breakfast???

Why Breakfast??

Smart Reasons to eat breakfast…..

  • Fuels the body with nutrients
  • Provides energy for the morning
  • Gets you ready to learn
  • Helps keep a healthy body weight
  • Helps kids feel good
  • Tastes good!

Ideas for a quick breakfast at home….

  • Ready to eat cereal with milk and fruit
  • Whole wheat toast with cream cheese
  • Bagel with cheese
  • Reheated rice, hard-cooked egg
  • Oatmeal with applesauce
  • Pita bread and yogurt
  • Toasted waffle with sliced fruit
  • Rice and beans with fruit

Remember: Breakfast is free in the school Cafeteria!!!


Parent’s Guide to School Medication Law


Dear Parent/Guardian,

The medication law is designed to protect students and the school from any harm.  In order to administer medication to students, the following requirements must be followed.



  • A form must be filled out: Forms are available in the school office and health room.
  • Parents or responsible person older than 18 must transport the medication to and from school.

Students may not transport the medication.

  • Prescription medications require a parent/guardian signature. An accurate label with specific dispensing instructions or a physician signature on the form with dispensing instructions is required.
  • Any time the dosage changes, a new form is required, as well as a new bottle with an accurate label or a new prescription with a physician signature.
  • Over the counter (OTC) medications also require a completed form and a parent signature with specific dispensing instructions. OTC medication must follow the manufacturer instructions. No physician signature is required for OTC medications. 
  • If medication will be required while your student is on a field trip, a separate bottle that is accurately labeled may be provided to the school. Please ask your pharmacist for an extra, labeled bottle. 
  • In some cases, students who are developmentally and/or behaviorally able, will be allowed to self-administer prescription and non-prescription medications and inhalers. Certain medications, such as stimulants, narcotics and barbiturates are not allowed to be self-medicated.  A separate form is needed in these situations. 

Instructions for any medication dispensed at school must include:

Name of the medication (i.e. Tylenol)

Dosage (i.e. 325mg., two tablets)

Frequency (i.e. every four hours)

Reason for medication (i.e. headache)

We will NOT be able to dispense medications to students unless the above instruction are followed.  Please contact the health assistant in your child’s school if you have questions.

Clink on Link for Authorization for Medication Form: AuthorizationforMedicationForm


End of Year Medication Pick Up

Medication left at school must be returned to the parent or be destroyed at the end of the school year per district policy. We are asking you to make arrangements for picking up your child’s unused medication before the last day of school. The last day of school is a half day, Tuesday. June 18th.

White Bird Free Dental Days

Student with tooth pain

FREE Dental Care June 7th and July 12th, 2019

Throughout the school year, Friday clinics will be scheduled for our student needs. This opportunity is brought to us by
White Bird Dental Clinic and Oregon Community Foundation

All Bethel students are eligible regardless of ability to pay.

To take advantage of this convenient and great service, forms are available at each school Health Room and at Bethel Health Center.

Fill out an application and return it to your school office. You will receive a call to schedule the appointment.

If you have health insurance, please bring your insurance card to the appointment.

If the hygienist noticed possible dental need at a school screening, you will also receive a phone call offering help to get care.


Call White Bird Dental and mention the Bethel Friday clinics. 541-344-8302

Bethel Health Center is located inside Cascade Middle School. The entrance is on the north side of the building. Look for the awning.   1525 Echo Hollow Rd Suite A


Click on link for application form in English:Whitebird Dental Permission Form- Eng

Click on link for application form in Spanish: Whitebird Dental Permission Form- Span