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Cough Medicine Reminder


Cough Medicine Reminder

Parents, please be aware that our school medication policy includes such things as cough drops and cough/cold medicines.

Over the counter (OTC) medications also require a completed medication form and a parent signature with specific dispensing instructions. OTC medication must follow the manufacturer instructions and be in manufacturer packaging.

So, if you child needs a cough drop or cough medicine at school the parent/guardian needs to bring in the OTC medication in the original packaging along with filling our the Medication Authorization form. The student should not bring in a handful of cough drops to give to the health room assistant or keep in their backpack/pocket.

Do you know about our Bethel Health Center???

Bethel Health Center. A home for health and wellness

Bethel Health Center
Located inside Cascade Middle School
1525 Echo Hollow Road, Suite A
Phone: 541-607-1430
Open Mon-Thurs from 8:30am – 4pm

Health care for all Bethel students and their younger siblings.

Staffed by a Nurse Practitioner who provides diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic conditions.
Accepting Private Insurance, OHP and No Insurance clients
Sliding Scale fee; no one denied services due to inability to pay.