Welcome to Bethel Health Services

Bethel Health Services offers student health assessments, consultations and screenings. In addition, qualified students are provided referrals for free and reduced-cost medical, vision, dental and mental health care, as well as immunizations and short term financial help with prescription medications. Click here for more information on Bethel’s free dental clinic services.

Our hope is to encourage students to maintain good habits for health and ready themselves for learning.

To make an appointment at our Bethel Health Center located at Cascade Middle School, call 541-607-1430.

District Nurses

Sherine Forrest
District Nurse
Sherine Forrest, RN, BSN, is the school nurse for Clear Lake, Irving, Meadow View, Prairie Mountain and Shasta. Contact Sherine at 541-689-3283 ex. 2130.

Mary Bork
District Nurse
Mary Bork, RN, BSN, is the school nurse for Willamette, Malabon, Fairfield and Danebo. Contact Mary at 541-607-1465.

Kristin Simpson
District Nurse
Kristin.Simpson, RN, BSN: Fairfield, Danebo, Malabon, Meadow View. Contact Kristin at 541-607-1492.