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Kindergarten in Bethel



Bethel School District is proud to offer full-day kindergarten for all students. Researchers have noted that full-day kindergarten leads to higher academic achievement and reduced achievement gaps among students of different economic and racial/ethnic groups; decreases costs by reducing the need for additional academic support in later years; contributes to increased school readiness; and promotes children‘s social and emotional development.

In Bethel School District kindergartners will enjoy:

  • A full-day of school
  • Safe and secure environments
  • Free breakfasts for all students
  • Music and PE specialists
  • New computers, classroom projectors, and curriculum in each classroom
  • Two new elementary schools, Fairfield and Malabon, which opened in fall 2015
  • Community support, at an all-time high in Bethel School District
  • Involved families who are making Bethel their school district of choice


Learning and Doing in Kindergarten

Bethel Kindergarten students will learn to:

  • Recognize all upper and lower case letters
  • Use sounds and letters to read and spell words
  • Ask and answer questions about key details in a text
  • Think mathematically to solve problems with numbers and objects
  • Compare and order objects by attributes
  • Express thoughts, feelings and ideas clearly while speaking
  • Write brief stories that use drawings to support meaning
  • Listen to, understand, and follow school expectations
  • Socialize and enjoy learning with peers
  • Take part in music and P.E.


School Visits and Registration

Parents of incoming Kindergarteners are encouraged to attend one or more of the Kindergarten Orientation meetings at schools throughout the district:

Feb 7, 3:15 & 6:30

Meadow View
Feb 6, 3:15 & 6:30

Feb 7, 2:45 & 6:00

Feb. 7, 3:15 and 6:30

Clear Lake
Feb. 8, 3:15 & 6:30

Feb 8, 3:30 & 6:30

Prairie Mountain
Feb 8, 2:30 and 6:00

The vast majority of Bethel children attend their neighborhood school.

Determine your neighborhood school.

You are welcome to visit Bethel’s schools. Please make arrangements ahead of time with the school you wish to visit so plans can be made to escort you throughout the building.

Parents are encouraged to become familiar with the principals, teachers and the instructional program. All Bethel schools offer a similar enriching kindergarten curriculum. Please explore, visit and then pre-register your child for Bethel kindergarten by visiting your neighborhood school office.

For more information call the district office at 541-689-3280 or go here to email your questions.

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