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Fairfield Teacher Appreciation


Fairfield Staff

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week! In a normal time, we would do something each day to recognize our teachers. As we all know, this is not a normal time. I want you to know something about our teachers and our staff:

  1. To be a Fairfield teacher is to be someone special – someone who works numerous hours (mornings, evenings, weekends) to prepare the best for our kids
  2. Fairfield teachers care more about our kids than they care about reading, writing, math and academics. They care about the well-being of our kids.
  3. Fairfield teachers know Fairfield kids will be successful learners!
  4. Fairfield teachers know exactly how each student is progressing, what they need, and how to make things happen for your kids. 
  5. Fairfield teachers are funny!
  6. Fairfield teachers are a family and we consider our Fairfield community to be part of our bigger family. We consider YOU as part of our family. 

Thank you Fairfield teachers for all you give, the love you have for our kids, and the work you do so ALL Fairfield students can experience success! Families – thank you for sharing notes of thanks to teachers. Please feel free to share a note!


¡Esta semana es la semana de agradecimiento a los maestros! En un tiempo normal, haríamos algo cada día para reconocer a nuestros maestros. Como todos sabemos, este no es un momento normal. Quiero que sepan algo sobre nuestros maestros y nuestro personal:

Ser un maestro de Fairfield es ser alguien especial, alguien que trabaja numerosas horas (mañanas, tardes, fines de semana) para preparar lo mejor para nuestros hijos.
Los maestros de Fairfield se preocupan más por nuestros hijos que por la lectura, la escritura, las matemáticas y lo académico. Se preocupan por el bienestar de nuestros hijos.
¡Los maestros de Fairfield saben que los niños de Fairfield serán estudiantes exitosos!
Los maestros de Fairfield saben exactamente cómo progresa cada estudiante, qué necesitan y cómo hacer que las cosas sucedan para sus hijos.
¡Los maestros de Fairfield son divertidos!
Los maestros de Fairfield son una familia y consideramos que nuestra comunidad de Fairfield es parte de nuestra familia más grande. Te consideramos como parte de nuestra familia.

¡Gracias maestros de Fairfield por todo lo que dan, el amor que sienten por nuestros hijos y el trabajo que hacen para que TODOS los estudiantes de Fairfield puedan experimentar el éxito! Familias: gracias por compartir notas de agradecimiento a los maestros. ¡No dudes en compartir una nota!


2 Responses to Fairfield Teacher Appreciation

  • Wow great picture teacher’s. Thank you for sharing this picture 😘🤗

  • We would just like to thank all the Fairfield teachers and staff for all your hard work and everything you do for our kids and families in helping us get through these unprecedented times. We love you all and want you to know you are APPRECIATED!!! Happy teacher appreciation week to you all. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful school with the best staff around ❤ Thank you especially to Mrs. Richards for all your hard work this year and for being the best 2nd grade teacher to my son!

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