Bethel School District Eugene OR


WShop Address: 1730 Taney St., Eugene, OR 97402
Phone: 541-461-6405

William Swift, Supervisor Special Services Transportation

As Supervisor of Transportation William works closely with the Special Services Departments Director, Assistant Director, Behavioral Specialist, School Psychologist, Homeless Liaison and the Special Education teachers to ensure that the needs are being met for our students transportation. William can be reached by phone at 541-461-6405, ext 4139, Fax (541-688-9215) or email.

Patti Marshall, Secretary of Special Services Transportation

Patti is the secretary to the Supervisor of Transportation along with being in charge of the daily Routing for the Special Services Drivers. Occasionally you will see her behind the wheel of one of our Special Services Buses. Patti can be reached by phone at 541-461-6405, ext 4184, or by email.