Technolgy Change Management Form

Bethel Technology Maintenance Windows
Bethel’s technology systems need occasional routine maintenance to ensure updated and secure functionality. These maintenance tasks may require downtime and have an impact on one’s ability to access web pages, blogs, email or other Bethel School District technical systems. To minimize this impact, Bethel’s Technology Department has established maintenance windows during non-business, non-school hours to perform these tasks. Not all maintenance will require downtime or have an impact on end-users and this schedule does not include any emergency issues that may arise. The following outlines our pre-determined schedules.

  • Wednesdays 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
  • Saturdays 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM
  • Any non-work day (holidays)


District Tech News

The Bethel School District has over 4500 computers/iPads/ChromeBooks, 150 work-group printers, 390 wireless access points, 110 access switches, 10 core network devices and 50 servers in 11 schools and two administrative/support buildings. The following are key personnel for the operation of technology in the district.

David Bolton, Technology Services Manager

David-BoltonThe technology services manager provides leadership and oversight for all aspects of technology throughout the district. The manager’s role encompasses senior systems administration, network and telephony administration, and all email cluster, virtual host/machine, and data management. Additional duties include budget development, implementation and oversight, CIPA compliance, data and network security, and vendor relations.  This position is responsible for all day-to-day tasks along with multiple and concurrent project development, oversight and management duties.

David works closely with key administrators to set the direction of technology for the district, keeping in mind the needs of students, staff, and individual school programs. David provides regular reports to the Superintendent about resource requirements, status updates, and any issues affecting technology services for the district and individual schools.

David has been working in the Information Technology sector since 1996. He has an Associate’s Degree in Computer Network Technologies, a Bachelor’s degree in Management of Information Systems, and is Microsoft Certified (MCP, MCSA, MCTS).

Laura Hodges, Student Information Support Specialist

The student information support specialist provides support for staff, students and parents regarding all SIS issues. Responsibilities include application support, account creation, management, and security, version upgrades, staff training, reporting, end-of-year data rollover, and troubleshooting of all related Bethel SIS systems.Laura is the primary point of contact for all SIS issues including Teacher Access, Home Access, eSchool Plus and Cognos reporting.

Laura’s additional duties include the processing of all hardware and software purchases, department expenditure tracking, ERate form filing, oversight, and expenditure reimbursement tracking amongst a myriad of other tacit knowledge day-to-day tasks.Laura has been with the technology services department since 1998. She has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon and maintains an outstanding customer service-oriented philosophy. As a result of her tenure, Laura provides a wealth of historical departmental knowledge, which makes her key to Bethel School District.

Cory Fiala, Senior Desktop Support Technician

The senior desktop support technician is responsible for all aspects of desktop support and several server administration tasks, primarily print server management, desktop image deployments, and systems center application management. Additional responsibilities include telephony and wireless support.

Cory works directly with staff to resolve their technology issues and is responsible for maintaining the student computer labs in every school throughout the district. Assigned duties include the support of staff and students at Clear Lake Elementary, Danebo Elementary, Shasta Middle School, Prairie Mountain K8, Meadow View K8 and Kalapuya High School. Cory has been with the Bethel School District since 2008 and has proven to be an invaluable asset to technology services.

Andrew Edwards, Desktop Support Technician

Andrew works directly with staff and students to resolve computer desktop related issues. Assigned duties include support of district iPads, VoIP telephones, computers, printers, security cameras, projectors, doc cams and other peripherals. Andrew has been with the Bethel School District since 2012 and is a graduate of Kalapuya High School and has an Associate’s degree in Computer Network Technologies.


Arturo Moreno, Desktop Support Technician

Arturo works directly with WHS staff and students to resolve computer desktop related issues. Assigned duties include support of staff and students at Irving Elementary, Cascade Middle School, Malabon Elementary, Fairfield Elementary and the Print/Foods/Transportation center.

Arturo is a graduate of Willamette High School and has an Associates degree in Computer Science/Technology from LCC.