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Safety Committee

Bethel School District’s Safety Committee facilitates and encourages a safe and healthy work environment. The committee reviews, evaluates, and makes recommendations on identified safety concerns by members of the committee, employees, inspectors and others. The committee also works toward increased employee knowledge and awareness of safe work practices and accident prevention.

The committee is made up of representatives from schools, maintenance, administration, and the insurance carrier.

For immediate safety concerns, please contact your building administrator. You may also contact a member of the safety committee through the email links below.



Meetings start at 10:00 AM and are typically held in the Technology Conference Room at the District Office.

Meeting Dates

October, 2015
November, 2015
December, 2015
January, 2016
February, 2016
March, 2016
April, 2016
May, 2016
June – TBA



Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes

October Agenda 2015 October Minutes 2015
November Agenda 2015 November Minutes 2015
December Agenda 2015 December Minutes 2015
January Agenda 2016 January Minutes 2016
February Agenda 2016 February Minutes 2016
March Agenda 2016 March Minutes 2016
April Agenda 2016 April Minutes 2016
May Agenda 2016 May Minutes 2016
June Agenda 2016 June Minutes 2016


Safety Committee Members

Jason Betterley, Maintenance Supervisor
Randy Calicott, Elementary School Custodian
Sherine Forrest, Nurse
Harvey Hafemann, Middle School Custodian
Jennie Kolpak, Nutrition Services Director
Simon Levear, Business Services Director, District Safety Officer
Connie Quinn, Safety Committee Secretary
Nathan Voelsch, Human Resources Coordinator

Insurance Representatives

Tammy Fitch, Wilson-Heirgood Associates
Tammy Jeffries, Wilson-Heirgood Associates
Jake Stone, Wilson-Heirgood Associates

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