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Online Enrollment Registration

By the first full week of August all returning families will be notified by mail and/or email with an “access code” (snapcode) for each of your students.  This information will be sent to each priority 1 Parent/Guardian that lives with the student. Only this contact will receive the email/letter. Once you receive the letter or email, please start by creating a PS Registration account. Guardians with more than one student will be able to copy parts of the process to help accelerate submission.

Tips and Tricks:

Guardian and Emergency Contacts: After identifying four possible contacts, guardians must assign a unique priority number (1, 2, 3, or 4) to each contact. Normally, the living-with guardian will be assigned a priority of 1, the second guardian will be assigned priority 2, and the emergency contacts will be assigned 3 & 4.

Documents for Registration: You are not required to upload forms via the online registration system; this feature is optional. Failure to upload documents will not prevent you from submitting your registration forms. Any forms or other documents may be brought to the school office. School personnel will be able to copy the documents or answer questions about the forms.

Pre-registered Kindergarteners: If parents/guardians filled out an enrollment form for their incoming Kindergartener in Spring 2018 at any one of our schools, the student will be found in the RETURNING STUDENT form. If your kindergarten student is completely new to the Bethel School District and did not get pre-registered last spring, please use the NEW STUDENT ENROLLMENT form.

Student Fees K-8: Parents using the online registration software will have the option to pay for school supply fees as part of the online registration process. Please note that a 3.49% processing fee will be applied for using credit, debit or electronic check; you will see this fee after you select your payment method but before you confirm your payment. If you wish to defer the supply fee until later, use a “W” code for waiver. School personnel will contact you later to arrange a plan. To avoid any online surcharges, school fees may be paid at the school.

Student Fees at Willamette High: Willamette High School families will have the opportunity to pay fees through the Willamette School Store. A link to the School Store is included in the Online Registration forms, but using the School Store to pay fees is not required. Please note that the Willamette High School Online Store also will add a processing fee of 3.00% to the total transaction. To avoid any online surcharges, school fees may be paid at the school.

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ATTENTION PARENTS: Please make sure you are selecting the correct registration links for your students:

For the 2018-2019 School Year

  • A student who completed the 2017-2018 school year in the Bethel School District is considered a Returning Student.
  •  If you DID NOT complete the 2017-2018 school year, you are considered a New Student for 2018-2019.

Use this link for 2018-2019 RETURNING STUDENTS: Returning Student Form

2018-2019 NEW STUDENTS

  • If your child DID NOT attend a Bethel School District school in 2017-2018, he/she is a new student.

Use this link for NEW STUDENTS 2018-2019 ONLY: New Student Form


General enrollment questions and answers are available below.

Help! I’m not sure how to answer a question on the form. I don’t know what the question is asking. Please contact your school to ask any general questions about the registration form. For the contact number for your school, visit the district website, put your mouse over Schools in the top menu and click on the link for your school.

Help! I don’t remember my password. Please contact your student’s school and the Registrar/Office Manager will assist you with resetting or changing your account password.

Help! I’m having technical difficulties. Examples of technical difficulties are errors with submission, forms linked to a different account or errors uploading documents. For technical support, visit the PowerSchool Community help center.

You also can call the InfoSnap Family Support Line at (866) 752-6850.