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Equity & Outreach

Tina Gutierez-Schmich

Tina Gutierez-Schmich, Equity Director

Although diversity certainly existed within the one room schoolhouses that made up Bethel School District in 1948, the diversity of the 21st Century is much more varied, visible, and has a major impact on education.

When the Oregon Department of Education developed standards for students, they included the expectation that all students from Oregon schools have the abilities to succeed in a diverse workforce.

Bethel School District is committed to reaching that goal. The District created the Oversight Committee and the position of Multicultural/Equity Coordinator to help ensure we are meeting the needs of all students.

Bethel Climate Survey

1. Introduction

This is an anonymous survey. Please do not put your name on this survey.

2. Background

Since 1999 Bethel School district has done a climate survey with 7th-12th graders approximately every 3 years. This will be the fifth time the district is doing this survey. The surveys are an opportunity for students to share their experiences and opinions in a safe and anonymous way.

3. Questions

If there is a question you don’t understand, you may either choose to skip it or raise your hand and I will come talk to you.

4. Optional

The survey is also OPTIONAL – you can choose not to respond to any question, or you can choose not to do the survey at all.

5. Demographic information

We are interested in knowing if students of varying backgrounds and from various groups experience school differently, so we will ask you to indicate your gender, your school and your race or ethnicity. We cannot identify you based on this information.

We appreciate your honest responses. To begin click below:

Bethel Climate Survey


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