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News From Danebo’s Principal

Estimados padres de Familia

Usted puede presionar el botón de traducción a su lado derecho localizado en el blog de la página de nuestra escuela y le traducirá la forma escrita en español.

First Day of School is Tuesday, 9/4

Our staff is anxiously awaiting our students who are scheduled to arrive first thing on Tuesday, September 4th! All students in grades 1-5 will be arriving between 8:15 and 8:30, ready for breakfast (free for all Danebo students), greeting friends, and entering classrooms (at 8:35).

Thanks for remembering to park cars in designated parking spaces if you plan to escort your child to their classroom.  Enter the parking lot through the south entrance and exit through the north one. And remember…the lane closest to the front office is for buses and District vans only.

Thanks for helping us ensure the safety of all of our students.

We are SO excited to see our students on Tuesday!

Meet the Teacher & PTO BBQ Was a Success!

Thanks to those families who attended our Meet the Teacher night and a HUGE thank you to those amazing volunteers who ensured that all of our families were fed! Many thanks to Debbie Jaros, Brooks and Rachel Noyes, Tiffany Moen, Jennifer Hubbard, Stephanie Dooley, Deedra Patrick, Kayla Gevatosky and other parents who helped with clean-up.

Stay tuned for ways that you can help at Danebo in the near future!

Welcoming New Staff at Danebo

Please join us in welcoming our new staff this school year:

  • Becky Goodwin, Speech & Language Teacher (Mrs. Cary retired in June).
  • Emiliano Bou, ELD Teacher (Maestra Mago retired in June).
  • Tony Taramasco, Counselor (Mrs. Tuski is taking a leave of absence for this school year).
  • Camille Haakanson, ELD Educational Assistant
  • Angela Longacre, Life Skills Educational Assistant
  • Bobbi Derrickson, Life Skills Educational Assistant
  • Shanna Bitikofer, Life Skills Educational Assistant
  • Jennifer Davis, Life Skills Educational Assistant
  • Will Tse, Nutrition Services Kitchen Coordinator (Yvonne Roberson moved out of the area)

In addition, due to class sizes at Kindergarten and Second Grade, Mr. Peck will be returning to teaching second grade this year instead of Kindergarten.

We are looking to hire a music teacher (Ms. Marxer moved to a different school) and one more Educational Assistant position in the resource room. Stay tuned for those announcements!

Playground News

On Saturday, August 25th, Danebo was the recipient of another event sponsored by the Fairfield Church of the Nazarene. Church members built and installed a “Gaga Ball Pit” on the playground and they reduced the height of our wall ball walls.

Many thanks to our friends at Fairfield Church of the Nazarene for caring about our Danebo kids. And, if you aren’t sure what Gaga Ball is, ask your child this week—they should be able to tell you how to play it!

Health Screenings For Bethel Students

Annual vision and dental screenings for Bethel students in grades K-5 will take place this fall, beginning in September. The screenings will be conducted by medical professionals from the Community Health Centers of Lane County, Bethel district nurses, and volunteers from the Lion’s Club.

Contact our school office if you do not want your child to participate in the health screening. And consider being a parent volunteer on their screening day.

Examen de salud para estudiantes de Bethel 

La visión anual y exámenes dentales para los estudiantes de Bethel en los grados K-5 se llevarán a cabo este otoño, comenzando en septiembre. Las evaluaciones serán conducidas por profesionales médicos de los Centros de Salud Comunitarios del Condado de Lane, enfermeras del distrito de Bethel y voluntarios del Lion’s Club.Comuníquese con la oficina de nuestra escuela si no desea que su hijo participe en el examen de salud. Y considere ser un padre voluntario en su día de proyección

News From Danebo’s Principal

Estimados padres de Familia

Usted puede presionar el botón de traducción a su lado derecho localizado en el blog de la página de nuestra escuela y le traducirá la forma escrita en español.

Meet the Teacher/PTO BBQ is Wednesday, August 29th

Please plan to join us for the Meet the Teacher event from 5:00 to 5:30 pm on Wednesday, August 29th. Class lists will be posted in front of the office by 4:00 pm and classrooms will be open from 5:00-5:30.

After you’ve met your child’s teacher, be sure to join us for a hot dog BBQ courtesy of the Danebo PTO. Hot dogs, chips, cookies and water will be available in cafeteria and are free for Danebo Families.

If you are able to help with the BBQ (serving or clean up), please call the office on Wednesday (541-688-8735) before 4:00 pm.

Supply Fees

Danebo teachers provide all of the necessary supplies for each student use in the classroom, which is why we charge a $30 per student supply fee. We ask families to provide a backpack, tissue, and hand sanitizer for each child, but no other supplies are needed.

If you haven’t paid the $30 supply fee for your child, the office will be open from 5:00-5:30 during the Meet the Teacher event on Wednesday, August 29th. Cash, checks and credit/debit cards are accepted (yes, we now have the ability to take a credit/debit card in the school office!).

If you are unable to pay the supply fee on Wednesday, our office hours are 7:30 am to 4:00 pm daily and we’d love to have you stop in to pay the fee before school starts.

Tuesday, September 4th–First Day of School

The first day of school for students in grades 1-5 is Tuesday, September 4th. Our school day goes from 8:45-2:45, with breakfast served each morning from 8:15-8:35.

We have supervision in the morning from 8:20-8:35 and in the afternoon from 2:45-2:55. Thanks for helping us ensure the safety of our students by dropping students off and picking them up during our supervision hours.

New Parking Lot Directional Arrows

Thanks to the Bethel Maintenance Staff, we have new directional arrows in our front parking lot.

We are asking families to enter the parking lot through the southwest driveway (first entrance on Candlelight), pull into the parking lot area to drop off students, and exit through the northwest driveway.

If you are walking your child to class, please be sure to park your car in a marked parking space in the front lot. Thank you for not parking in the three spaces marked “RESERVED” (closest to the ADA marked spaces).

In addition, please remember that the lane closest to the school is for buses and District vans only during drop-off and pick up hours (8:10-8:40 am and 2:25-2:50 pm).

Thank you for working with us to ensure all of our students are safe in the parking lot.


News From Danebo’s Principal

Estimados padres de Familia

Usted puede presionar el botón de traducción a su lado derecho localizado en el blog de la página de nuestra escuela y le traducirá la forma escrita en español.

Registration Information

Bethel has moved to online registration for families for the 2018-19 school year. Returning families should have received a letter in the mail and at least 2 emails with information on how to access registration forms online.

If you have not completed your forms OR paid the $30 per student supply fee, please come to Danebo on Tuesday, August 14th and/or Wednesday, August 15th between 11 am and 7 pm. We will have computers available for families to complete registration forms and staff will be available to assist. Additional translation assistance will be available from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm each day.

We also have a few forms that didn’t make it into the registration site that we will need to have completed.

In addition, we can take your $30 per student supply fees in the form of cash, checks and now, credit cards. You can submit the registration fee via the online registration site, but we now have a credit/debit card reader in our office.

After our registration days, the office will be open between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm daily if families are in need of assistance. Please don’t hesitate to call or stop by.

We look forward to seeing you during the registration days and remember to save the date for our Meet the Teacher/PTO BBQ on Wednesday, August 29th from 5:00 pm  to 6:30 pm. The first day of school for students in Grades 1-5 is Tuesday, September 4th!


School Registration Will Be Online

To save you time and streamline the school registration process, Bethel School District is about to launch an online student registration system for the coming school year.

This is a secure system that allows you to verify all student demographic, emergency and medical information for your child without having to come to the Danebo school office.  

The online system replaces all the hard copy student registration and permission forms that parents/guardians used to complete at the school in mid-August.

Watch For This:
You will soon receive an email or letter from our school with instructions on how to access the online student registration system. You will receive instructions and a secure “snapcode” that links directly to your child’s information. To make the process easier for families with multiple children, you will have the option to copy all generic family information to all other students in your family.

We would appreciate you completing these online forms as soon as possible after receiving the email or letter.

Your child’s registration will not be complete until the forms have been submitted.

And, please make plans to come to Danebo on August 14 or 15 from 11:00-7:00 to finalize registration. If you do not have access to the Internet, you can use a computer at our school to complete the process.

If you have any further questions, please reply to this message or contact the school office after August 6th at 541-688-8735.


Para ahorrar tiempo y agilizar el proceso de registro de la escuela, el Distrito Escolar de Bethel está a punto de lanzar un sistema de registro de estudiantes en línea para el próximo año escolar. Estará disponible en español.

Este es un sistema seguro que le permite verificar toda la información demográfica, de emergencia y médica del estudiante para su hijo sin tener que ir a la oficina de la escuela.

El sistema en línea reemplaza todas las formas de registro y permiso de los estudiantes que los padres / tutores usaron para completar en la escuela a mediados de agosto.

Pronto recibirá un correo electrónico o una carta de nuestra escuela con instrucciones sobre cómo acceder al sistema de registro de estudiantes en línea. Recibirá instrucciones y un “snapcode” seguro que enlaza directamente con la información de su hijo. Para facilitar el proceso a las familias con varios hijos, usted tendrá la opción de copiar toda la información genérica de la familia a todos los demás estudiantes de su familia.

Le agradeceríamos que completara estos formularios en línea tan pronto como sea posible después de recibir el correo electrónico o la carta.

El registro de su hijo no estará completo hasta que se hayan enviado los formularios.

Y, por favor haga planes para venir a Danebo el 14 o 15 de agosto de 11: 00-7: 00 para finalizar la inscripción. Si no tiene acceso a Internet, puede usar una computadora en nuestra escuela para completar el proceso. 

Si tiene más preguntas, responda este mensaje o comuníquese con la oficina de la escuela después del 6 de agosto al 541-688-8735.

News from Danebo’s Principal

Estimados padres de Familia

Usted puede presionar el botón de traducción a su lado derecho localizado en el blog de la página de nuestra escuela y le traducirá la forma escrita en español.

Field Day Today

Thanks to a small handful of teachers who planned our school-wide field day taking place this afternoon. Students will be in groups (Kindergarten through fifth grade in each group) and rotating to different stations with fun team activities.

Field day will go from about 1:00-2:15 today (Thursday, 6/13). If you get the message and are free, come on over to the school and join in the fun (after checking in to the office, of course!).

Last Day of School, Thursday, June 14th, 11:45 Dismissal

Thursday, June 14th, is the last day of school for all Danebo students. The school day will go from 8:45-11:45. Breakfast will be served, but there will not be any lunch service.

Our Fifth Grade Moving On Ceremony will begin at 9:30 in the gym, followed by a reception in the cafeteria. Please check in at the prior to heading down to the gym for the ceremony.

Lost & Found

If you are able to stop by Danebo, please take a few minutes to look through the lost and found in the cafeteria. We have hundreds of coats, jackets, sweatshirts, lunch boxes, hats, gloves, etc., that used to belong to Danebo students and we’d love for them to return to their owners.

Items left in the lost and found will be donated to the Bethesda Boutique on Friday, June 15th.

Health Room News

If your child has any medications in the health room, please stop by to pick them up.
Shanna will be in the health room during her regular hours on Thursday, 6/14 (8:30-2:30).

If you are unable to come in on Thursday, please plan to stop by the office during our regular office hours (7:30-4:00).

The Danebo Office will be open through Friday, June 22nd, and will close for the summer starting on Monday, June 25th. We will reopen on Monday, August 6th, 2018.

Report Cards to be Mailed Home

Report cards will be mailed home to families on Tuesday, June 19th.

Registration in August

As previously mentioned on the Danebo website, registration for the 2018-19 school year will look different than in years past. We will still ask families to come in to the school on Tuesday, August 14th or Wednesday, August 15th, but the amount of time it will take to register may be shorter if you are able to access the registration forms online via a computer.

Watch for a postcard from Danebo with important information in it the week of August 6th, 2018.

Thank You to ALL of our Volunteers

A HUGE thank you to all of our families who have volunteered time with our students, staff and community. We are grateful for the time you spent with us this year and know that we could not have done so many of the activities without you. From all of our students and staff, thank you for giving us your time!

We hope you are able to continue helping out next year!

Thank you for making the 2017-18 school year one of the best at Danebo. We appreciate your partnership and support of our school and of your child.

Enjoy your summer!

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