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News From Danebo’s Principal

Estimados padres de Familia

Usted puede presionar el botón de traducción a su lado derecho localizado en el blog de la página de nuestra escuela y le traducirá la forma escrita en español.

Join us for the 2nd Annual CATCH Family Activity Night, 11/21/19, 5:30-7:00 pm

This Thursday, November 21st, from 5:30-7:00 pm will be our 2nd annual CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) Family Activity night.

We will have fun activities in the gym that get everyone moving and some healthy snacks in the cafeteria.

We hope that you are able to join us for this fun event!

PTO News

  • Butter Braid orders are due on Tuesday, November 19th. Please have your child turn them in to their classroom teacher. Orders will be available for pick up on December 11th and we will have prizes for the top 3 sellers and the class that sells the most. Thank you for supporting our PTO Butter Braid Fundraiser!
  • Please join us for our November PTO meeting on Tuesday, November 19th, at 6:30 in the library. Childcare is provided and we will discuss all of the amazing things going on with our PTO!
  • A BIG thank you to all of the volunteers, students, and families who attended the Fall Ball on Friday, 11/8. It was a big success and the students had SO much fun! Thanks to the planning team as well as the volunteers who helped out that evening!
  • Danebo Parents painted circules and numbers on the playground for students to line up at the end of recess.

    Speaking of helping out…we had four Danebo Families who spent their Saturday painting circles with numbers on the playground. At the end of recess, students line up on the circles and having them numbered helps to ensure a safe transition for all students. Thanks again to our amazing parent volunteers! Danebo students and staff are SO lucky to have families so committed to our causes.





Important Upcoming Dates:

  • No School, Friday, November 22nd (Grading Day)
  • No School, Thursday & Friday, November 28th & 29th (Thanksgiving)
  • Parent-teacher conferences & Book Fair, Wednesday & Thursday, December 4th and 5th
  • 11:45 Dismissal, Thursday, December 5th (Parent-teacher conferences)
  • No School, Friday, December 6th (Conferences)
  • Winter break, Monday, December 23rd through Friday, January 3rd
  • School resumes, Monday, January 6th, 2020.




News From Danebo’s Principal

PTO Fall Ball, Friday, November 8th

We are hoping to see all of our Danebo students and families at our 1st Annual Fall Ball.

Admission is free and tickets are $0.25 for activities. We will have carnival-like activities in the cafeteria and music and dancing in the gym. Most activities will cost one ticket and food items (pizza, cookies, drinks, popcorn) will require two tickets.

If you’d like to volunteer for the event, it’s not too late to contact our school office (541-688-8735) or email the PTO directly at DaneboElementaryPTO@gmail.com.

See you at the Fall Ball!

Speaking of PTO…

Thank you for supporting our PTO Butter Braid Fundraiser by talking to your friends, family and co-workers about placing orders. The sale is going on now through November 18th, with orders due to Danebo on November 19th.

We will have prizes for the students who sell the most product and for the class who sells the most.

Funds raised from the Butter Braid sale will support Danebo PTO endeavors, which includes all-school assemblies, community building activities, popcorn days, and field trips to name a few!

Thank you for your support!

Upcoming Events at Danebo

Mark your calendars for the following events:

Monday, November 11th,       Veteran’s Day—No School

Friday, November 15th,         Picture Retake Day & Popcorn Day

Tuesday, November 19th        Butter Braid Orders Due (PTO Fundraiser) & PTO Meeting (6:30 pm)

Thursday, November 21st       5:30 pm to 7:00 pm, CATCH Family Activity Night

Friday, November 22nd           Grading Day—No School

Thursday, November 28th       Thanksgiving Day, No School

Friday, November 29th               No School

Wednesday, December 4th     Parent-Teacher Conferences and the Book Fair

Thursday, December 5th          Students dismissed at 11:45 & Parent-teacher Conferences/Book Fair

Friday, December 6th              No School

Meet Mr. Davidson, written by Marley, Grade 5

I interviewed Mr. Davidson, our new school counselor. I really got to know Mr. Davidson and these are some things I have learned…

First Mr. Davidson reported that although he was new here, he loves Danebo! One thing he loves about Danebo is that he gets along with fellow teachers and staff! He informed me that he worked at South Eugene High School, SHOUT OUT TO THEM! He grew up here in beautiful Eugene… I asked him several other questions. He has a dog his/or her name is Badger. He has a special someone in his life, Johannah! Mr. Davidson is funny too. He is curious… He asked, “Can you only order pizza at wheel pizza?” Who knows! I might have to go!

I do know that he has a kind heart… I asked him this question, ”If you had $100,000,000 what would you do with it?” He replied, “I would like to pay off my debt and my family, but I would like to build a homeless shelter!” Oh this is important… Mr. Davidson has great taste in music! He loves LIZZO! Finally, a huge thank you Mr. Davidson, for letting me interview you!

Free Medical and Dental Services

The Life and Health Free Clinic will come to the Lane County Fairgrounds November 23-24. This free services include full service optometry; illness diagnosis and minor treatments; dental fillings, cleanings and extractions; massages and kids activities.

The free clinic starts at 9:00 on both days and is first come, first served. Click here for more information (PDF).

Servicios médicos y dentales gratuitos

La Clínica Gratuita de Vida y Salud llegará al recinto ferial del condado de Lane del 23 al 24 de noviembre. Estos servicios gratuitos incluyen servicio completo de optometría; diagnóstico de enfermedades y tratamientos menores; empastes dentales, limpiezas y extracciones; masajes y actividades infantiles.

La clínica gratuita comienza a las 9:00 los dos días y se recibe por orden de llegada. Haga clic aquí para más información (PDF).

News From Danebo’s Principal

Estimados padres de Familia

Usted puede presionar el botón de traducción a su lado derecho localizado en el blog de la página de nuestra escuela y le traducirá la forma escrita en español.

PTO Fall Ball, Friday, 11/8, 6pm-8pm

Join us on Friday from 6pm-8pm for a fun community event for Danebo families. Our PTO is sponsoring our “first ever” Fall Ball with carnival-like activities in the cafeteria and music and dancing in the gym.

Pizza, drinks, popcorn, and cookies will be for sale in the cafeteria as well.

Tickets are $0.25 each with most activities requiring 1 or 2 tickets. Food items may require more than 2 tickets.

If you are able to volunteer for this event, please call the school office (541-688-8735) or email our PTO at DaneboElementaryPTO@gmail.com. Shifts are available before, during and after the event.

And…our PTO Butter Braid Fundraiser is in full swing. Not sure what Butter Braids are? Samples will be available at the Fall Ball!

We look forward to seeing you on Friday!

Measles Alert

There have recently been confirmed cases of measles in Oregon, including one case in Lane County. Because measles is a serious and contagious disease, Lane County Public Health has provided a message for our families. Please click here and read this important information.

Alerta de sarampión

 Recientemente se han confirmado casos de sarampión en Oregón, incluido un caso en el condado de Lane. Debido a que el sarampión es una enfermedad grave y contagiosa, Lane County Public Health ha brindado un mensaje a nuestras familias. Please click here and read this important information


News From Danebo’s Principal

Estimados padres de Familia

Usted puede presionar el botón de traducción a su lado derecho localizado en el blog de la página de nuestra escuela y le traducirá la forma escrita en español.

Safety Drills on Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

On Tuesday, October 29th, at 11:00 am, Daenbo staff and students will practice a lockdown drill, earthquake drill, directed evacuation and fire drill. These are rehearsals that we hope to never have to implement. However, we practice our drills to make sure everyone knows what to do in the event of an emergency.

Danebo students and staff will practice a lockdown drill. Lockdown is the command used in the event of a threat-or perceived threat at or near our school. During our drill, an intercom announcement will inform staff and students that the drill will begin. Staff will then be asked to secure their classrooms. Teachers will lock classroom doors, close the blinds, move students away from the windows, turn out the lights, and ask students to remain quiet. The drill will last a few minutes, at which point another announcement will be made that the drill is over.

Teachers will talk to students to prepare them for the lockdown drill. They will let students know that during a lockdown it is very important to stay quiet and listen to adult directions in order to stay safe. Teachers will also share that in the event of imminent danger, they may ask students (depending on grade level) to help barricade the door to make sure no one can enter the room or ask students to quickly evacuate the building. Tools that teachers will be using during these conversations are scripts that were created by the District Safety Committee and videos that were created in partnership with Eugene Police Department.

You can find all of this information on the District’s School Safety page. It’s under the Parents tab on the Bethel home page: http://www.bethel.k12.or.us/district/school-safety/

We will also practice an earthquake drill and follow the Drop, Cover and Hold On protocol. Following our earthquake drill, we will conduct a directed evacuation to the field south of Danebo. We intend to continue sharing our plans with you as we work together to ensure a safe school environment for all.

Attendance Goals

Our daily attendance goal is to have 95% (or more) of our students at school each day. We announce the previous day’s attendance on our morning announcements and we have school-wide goals.

Since October 1st, we have had 11 days of 95% attendance. When we reach 13 days, we’ll have a special school-wide surprise!

Thanks for helping us reach our daily goal by ensuring that your child is at school each day. We know that when your child is at school, they are learning!

PTO Updates

Our Danebo PTO is excited to share about upcoming activities for students and families:

  • Popcorn Fridays—our first one was last Friday and over 500 bags were popped and sold. Proceeds will go to the PTO to cover the cost of popcorn supplies for the year. The next Popcorn Friday is THIS Friday, November 1st, sponsored by our 5th grade students and staff.
  • Butter Braid Fundraiser—sales information will go home in Tuesday folders on November 5th, with the sale going through November 18th.
  • Fall Ball—Friday, November 8th, 6:00-8:00, activities and games in the cafeteria and music and dancing in the gym.
  • Our PTO meeting notes are now linked to the Danebo website so if you aren’t able to join us for a meeting, you can stay informed. This link will take you there https://docs.google.com/document/d/189Ya6Vg1tb-YWrs1Dv4En2NFLvBu4Kx1E8q-1A0lRAw/edit?usp=sharing.
  • PTO has an email address (DaneboElementaryPTO@gmail.com) and a Facebook page (Danebo Elementary PTO), two more ways to stay in touch and ask questions. Give them a LIKE on the Facebook page!

Update: Student Success Act

By now, many of you have heard about additional funding coming to K-12 schools next year from Oregon’s Student Success Act (SSA.) This is exciting news! I want to share Bethel School District’s process for determining where those additional funds will be directed. Our process and plan is guided by requirements of the Act, these items in particular:

  • Equity*
  • Engagement
  • Accountability
    • Meet Students’ Mental or Behavioral Health Needs
    • Increase Achievement

*A strong focus in equity has been defined by the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) as:

  • “Education equity is the equitable implementation of policy, practices, procedures, and legislation that translates into resource allocation, education rigor, and opportunities for historically and currently marginalized youth, students, and families including civil rights protected classes.”

The ODE is directing districts to reexamine our systems and processes with a goal of closing the achievement gap among our students.

Where To Start

Our process begins with Bethel’s Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP). CIPs are required plans, updated annually, and submitted to the ODE. The CIP will establish the needs of different student groups in Bethel. The CIP is the foundation that will guide, and most importantly, inform our application for SSA funds. (Though Districts will be allocated funding based on student enrollment, we are required to formally apply for the SSA funds from the state.)


The Act also requires engagement. Bethel has been/will be engaging in the following ways:

  • Our CIP’s needs-assessment is underway and includes a group of staff, students, and parents reviewing student data
  • Information from various student group meetings and student surveys from last spring
  • We will also meet with families of students with disabilities, students learning English, and students/families navigating homelessness
  • Provide two different opportunities for Community input—January 9th and January 14th
  • Staff input and discussions throughout January for each Bethel school

Finally, the District has to submit its CIP to the state, then once that’s approved the District will submit its application for SSA funds. It’s a long process, likely continuing into next May.

We will keep you updated along the way, and will be sure to invite you to the Community Input meetings in January. We’re excited to be going on this journey in order to create more supports for our students, particularly for those who need it the most.

Actualización: Ley de Éxito Estudiantil

Por ahora, muchos de ustedes han oído sobre los fondos adicionales que recibirán las escuelas desde K a 12vo  grado para el próximo año de parte de La Ley de Éxito Estudiantil de Oregon (SSA.) ¡Estas son excelentes noticias! Yo quiero compartirles el proceso deI Distrito Escolar de Bethel para determinar a dónde se dirigirán los fondos adicionales. Nuestro proceso y plan será guiado por los requerimientos de la Ley, estos artículos en particular:

  • Equidad*
  • Compromiso
  • Responsabilidad
    • Satisfacer las Necesidades de la Salud Mental o la Conducta de los Estudiantes
    • Aumentar el Logro

*Un fuerte enfoque en la equidad ha sido definido por el Departamento de Educación de Oregon (ODE) como:

  • “La equidad educativa es la implementación equitativa de la política, prácticas, procedimientos, y legislaciones que se traducen ha asignación de recursos, rigor educativo y oportunidades para jóvenes, estudiantes y familias históricamente y actualmente marginados incluyendo los derechos civiles de clases protegidas.”

El ODE está dirigiendo a los distritos a reexaminar nuestros sistemas y procesos con el objetivo de cerrar la brecha de rendimiento entre nuestros estudiantes.

Por Donde Empezar

Nuestro proceso comienza con el Plan de Mejora Continua de Bethel (CIP). El CIP son planes requeridos, actualizado atualmente, y presentada a el ODE. El CIP establecerá las necesidades de los grupos diferentes de estudiantes en Bethel. El CIP es la fundación que guiará, y más importante, informará nuestra aplicación para los fondos de SSA. (Aunque los distritos recibirán fondos en función de la inscripción de los estudiantes, estamos obligados a solicitar formalmente los fondos de la SSA del estado.)


La Ley también requiere compromiso. Bethel ha estado / estará participando de las siguientes maneras:

  • La evaluación de necesidades de nuestro CIP está en marcha e incluye un grupo de personal, estudiantes y padres que revisan los datos de los estudiantes.
  • Información de varias reuniones de grupos de estudiantes y encuestas de estudiantes de la primavera pasada
  • También nos reuniremos con familias de estudiantes con discapacidades, estudiantes que están aprendiendo Inglés y estudiantes/familias que navegan por la falta de vivienda.
  • Proporciona dos oportunidades diferentes que aporte a la comunidad—9 de Enero y 14 de Enero
  • Comentarios y discusiones del personal durante Enero para cada escuela de Bethel

Finalmente, el Distrito tiene que presentar su CIP al estado, luego, una vez aprobado, el Distrito presentará su solicitud de fondos de la SSA. Es un proceso largo, que probablemente continuará hasta el próximo mes de mayo.

Lo mantendremos informado a lo largo del camino y nos aseguraremos de invitarlo a las reuniones de Community Input en enero. Estamos entusiasmados de emprender este viaje para crear más apoyos para nuestros estudiantes, particularmente para aquellos que más lo necesitan.



News from Danebo’s Principal

Estimados padres de Familia

Usted puede presionar el botón de traducción a su lado derecho localizado en el blog de la página de nuestra escuela y le traducirá la forma escrita en español.

See You at the PTO Meeting Tonight!

Our next PTO meeting is this evening (Tuesday, October 15th) from 6:30-7:30 pm in the library at Danebo. Topics of discussion will include:

  • Dawnja Johnson, Bethel Education Foundation Executive Director, sharing about the BEF and how it supports Bethel students.
  • Jog-a-thon recap
  • Planning for our next PTO-sponsored events (Butter Braid fundraiser & the possibility of a “Fall Ball”)
  • Popcorn Days
  • Voting in new PTO Board Members

Childcare is provided and we will have snacks and a raffle for adults that attend.

We look forward to seeing you tonight.

And…if you are a Facebook Friend, be sure to “like” the Danebo Elementary PTO page!

Open House on Thursday, October 17th, 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Please join us for our Open House this Thursday at 6:30 pm. We will meet in the gym at 6:30 for introductions, followed by an opportunity to browse the “Used Book Sale” in the cafeteria. Families can then visit classrooms to see the amazing work that students have been doing this year.

See you on Thursday evening!

Used Book Sale During Open House

Mrs. Gregory will be hosting a used book sale from 7:00 pm -8:00 pm on the evening of Open House.

Most books will sell for $0.50 and the sale will take place in the cafeteria.

Stop by for some great bargains!

Volunteer Shout-Out!

Many thanks to all Danebo parents/guardians and family members who help with the following activities recently:

  • PTO BBQ in August
  • PTO Jog-a-thon
  • Walk & Roll to School Day
  • Picture Day
  • Health Screening
  • Classroom activities

We are grateful for those of you who joined us and hope that you are able to join us in the future for an activity at Danebo.