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Estimados padres de Familia

Usted puede presionar el botón de traducción a su lado derecho localizado en el blog de la página de nuestra escuela y le traducirá la forma escrita en español.

Butter Braids Orders Arrive Wednesday, December 11th

Many thanks to those families who sold Butter Braid products for our PTO Fundraiser.

The orders will arrive on Wednesday, December 11th, mid-morning, and most will be sent home with students. Larger orders will need to be picked up in the school office by 4:00 pm on Wednesday, as we do not have a way to store the items that need to be refrigerated or frozen.

If you have questions regarding your order, please contact the office and we will put you in touch with our PTO volunteers.

Our total orders were just short of $5,000 and our PTO will keep about half of that amount.

Top sellers were Jeremiah (2nd grade), Kylee (1st grade), and Addisyn (1st grade). Mrs. Johnson’s first grade class won the pizza lunch party (thank you, Izzy’s Pizza for the donation) for bringing in the highest amount per student.

Thanks to those who participated!

Two Teachers, $1498 from Bethel Education Foundation

Mrs. Bond received a $500 BEF Grant!

Congratulations to Mrs. Bond and Mrs. Johnson who were awarded grants today by the Bethel Education Foundation (BEF).

Mrs. Bond received $500 to assist with purchasing an online music curriculum (Quaver), while Mrs. Johnson received $999 to purchase Ozobots (programmable robots that teach students coding skills).

The BEF awarded grants to many Bethel Teachers and are a great support of our students and staff.

Congrats Mrs. Bond and Mrs. Johnson!


Free Feminine Hygiene Products

Danebo students will now have free access to feminine hygiene products in school restrooms. A plan proposed by Superintendent Chris Parra to supply the products at all Bethel schools has been in the works since last spring, before the state legislature took up the issue. Dispensers are now being installed throughout the district and all will be in place before Winter Break.

Through conversations with students and families, it was clear that free access to feminine hygiene products was a very real need. Every Bethel school’s Health Room has had menstrual products available, but students have had to ask for them. Now, at Danebo and every Bethel school there will be girls’ restrooms where free supplies will be available.

Productos de higiene femenina gratuitos

Los estudiantes de Danebo ahora tendrán acceso gratuito a productos de higiene femenina en los baños escolares. Un plan propuesto por el Superintendente Chris Parra para suministrar los productos en todas las escuelas de Bethel ha estado en proceso desde la primavera pasada, antes de que la legislatura estatal abordara el tema. Ahora se están instalando dispensadores en todo el distrito y cada uno estará en su lugar antes de las vacaciones de invierno.

A través de conversaciones con estudiantes y familias, quedó claro que el acceso a productos de higiene femenina era una necesidad muy real. La sala de salud de todas las escuelas de Bethel ha tenido productos menstruales disponibles, pero los estudiantes han tenido que pedirlos. Ahora, en Danebo y en cada escuela de Bethel habrá baños para niñas donde habrá suministros gratuitos disponibles.

Save The Dates

               Thursday, 12/12               Assistance League Food Pantry

               Thursday, 12/19               VIP Assembly (9:30)

                                                            Assistance League Food Pantry

               Monday, 12/23                 Winter Break begins

               Monday, 1/6                     School Resumes

               Monday, 1/18                   No School, MLK Day

               Friday, 1/31                       No School, K-8 Curriculum Development Day

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