On-Track for Success

Bethel’s On-Track for Success Report is a research-based tool that identifies students who are on-track to graduate with a regular Oregon diploma, those who are falling behind, and those who are at-risk of not graduating.

For Grades 4-12 the On-Track Report uses four indicators in determining a final student rating: A, B, C and E – Attendance, Behavior, Course work and Essential Skills (state tests.) 

For Grades 1-3 the On-Track Report uses three indicators in determining a final student rating: A, B and E – Attendance, Behavior, and EasyCBM (Math and Reading Assessments.)

The total score from the indicators determines the final rating for each student of On-Track, Nearly On-Track, Becoming At-Risk, or At-Risk.

The Bethel On-Track Report is a snapshot of each student’s recent performance and is to be shared with parents and used by educators to help determine the appropriate measures to keep students on-track to graduation.

Understanding Bethel's On-Track for Success Report

Here is an explanation of how the On-Track for Success Report serves as a gauge of a student’s progress toward high school graduation.

Putting the On-Track Report to Use

A behind-the-scenes look as Bethel School District grade-level data teams use the district’s On-Track system for monitoring the progress of students who may be at-risk of not staying on-track toward graduation.

Bethel Students’ On-Track Goal Setting

With an eye toward high school graduation, Bethel School District elementary students set goals to improve in the areas of Attendance, Behavior and Essential Skills using the district’s On-Track  for Success Report.

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