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The Latest, From Clear Lake…

This week, 10/23 – 27, students and staff will be practicing several of our safety drills at Clear Lake. Teachers have a schedule of the drills and will be talking to their students in advance about what will happen during each drill, what students need to do, and where to go. These drills are practiced at all schools in Bethel and are important so that everyone is prepared in the event of a variety of incidents. During the Lock Down drill, our front doors will be temporarily closed and locked- with signs to let folks know about the drill and a number to call, if needed. Drills include; Directed Response Drill, Room Clear Drill, Lock-Down Drill, and Directed Evacuation Drill. If you have any questions about any of these drills, contact Mr. Luhman. 

Get ready, get set…. DOUGH!!! The over 1,000 tubs of Monster Cookie frozen dough will be here at CL for pickup starting at 2:30pm on Wednesday the 25th in our cafeteria. Students with 3 tubs of dough or less will be given the dough to take home at the end of the school day. Please plan to come pick up orders- the cafeteria will be open until 6pm that evening. And PTO says a big THANK YOU to all who helped with their Fall fundraiser.

With a wish to have all of our students participate in a Fall activity that does not conflict with any families’ traditions or wishes, we have a special celebration in place of a school Halloween celebration.

We will not have students wear or bring costumes to school. Instead, we have a week of daily “School Spirit” activities where students are invited to participate with their class- and the entire school.

Teachers will have some items on hand that will be available to students who forgot or did not come dressed for the theme day. That way, we should have ALL students participating and joining the school-wide Fun for the week of the 30th.

Here are the plans for each day that week…

M 10/30- Sports/Team Day: Wear your favorite sports team apparel or dress up as an athlete from your favorite sport!

T 10/31- Clear Lake Pride Day: Wear blue to support the clear lake bears or a clear lake shirt!

W 11/1- Wacky Wednesday: Wear crazy socks, clothes inside out, crazy hair…anything wacky and fun!

Th 11/2- Color Day: Grades wear all one color: Kinder – red, 1st – green, 2/3- yellow, 4/5 – orange

F 11/3- PJ Day: Come to school cozy in your PJs and slippers (Must have real shoes for before/recess/after school).


That’s all for now- thanks for reading!

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