Ride The Eclipse Express

Join us for a ride to Centennial Elementary in Scio, Oregon to observe the TOTAL eclipse of the sun on Monday the 21st. We will depart CL at 7:00am. We will make our best effort to arrive in Scio

Sponsored by the CL PTO, we ask a $1 donation from adults, kids ride free.

near the 9:05 start of the eclipse, and definitely be there for the 10:17 time of totality. The total block of the sun by Earth’s moon will last about 2 minutes. We will observe the return of the sun for about 30 minutes and be well on the road back to Eugene by eclipse end about 11:20. That should have us at Clear Lake by 12:30-1:00pm.

There are predictions for heavy traffic that day- we will just have to wait and see if it comes true. Should the highway appear to be a parking lot, we will have to return to CL and observe the event from here in Eugene. There is no way of knowing for sure what will happen. But, that is part of life and the mystery that makes it all an adventure.

If you plan to attend, please email Mr. Luhman at or leave him a voice message at 541 607-1451. Given the number of families who have verbally responded, there will be enough room for all. Children MUST be accompanied by an adult. It will help to know exactly who wants to attend so that no one gets left behind. So please, RSVP to the phone or email above. Bring water and snacks, there will be restrooms available at Centennial Elementary.

If you plan to stay here in Eugene and need more eclipse glasses, just stop by the CL office after 8am on Monday and pick up a few extras for your family. it is a MUST to wear protective eyewear when viewing the eclipse. You can put the glasses over the camera lens on your phone and safely take a picture without damaging your phone’s camera.

Happy eclipse viewing!!

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