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The Latest, From Clear Lake…

Board Meeting To Hear Public Comment

The Bethel School District Board has scheduled a special meeting for Thursday, February 15th, 7:00 p.m. in the Shasta Middle School Cafeteria.

The only agenda item is to hear public comment. Under Board policy, the public comment period is limited to three minutes per person. All those at the meeting who sign a card requesting to speak will be heard. The School Board will make no decisions at Thursday’s meeting, but will give residents an opportunity to share their thoughts.

As background, some Bethel residents are concerned the district is removing holiday celebrations from schools. While public schools are not required to hold parties or celebrations around holidays, the district believes that providing students opportunities to celebrate and have fun with their classmates and teachers is vital. And, as a public school system, we must ensure that our celebrations, activities and events during the school day allow all students to participate. We cannot intentionally plan events that we know will exclude children.

Some people are unaware that historically many of the celebrations or parties that have been held at school result in some children not coming to school or not being able to take part for a variety of reasons. Our schools are trying to think creatively about how we celebrate with children, and have fun and meaningful activities at school in ways everyone gets to be involved.

For clarification, while we are not asking families to provide Valentine’s cards, students who wish to bring cards are allowed to do so and time will be provided for children to distribute them. As always, we encourage those with concerns to reach out to their school principal.

News From Clear Lake

Here is the latest…

Thanks For Helping Greenhill
Our coin drive earned a total of $435.00, that will be donated to Greenhill Humane Society. Student helpers collected containers from rooms, sorted and counted the many coins and paper currency. A representative from Greenhill was on hand at the assembly to receive the donation that will help support their work to care for many animals from the Lane County area. Way to go, Clear Lake, for such a great effort and successful coin drive.

NEW: Clear Lake Vision Statement
After input from Parents, Staff, and Students- we have created a new statement to capture what we all want Clear Lake to be as a school, as a school-community. It will help use all keep our priorities in our daily work and continual effort to improve. 

Clear Lake is committed to creating a safe, welcoming learning environment where students, staff, and families of all cultures feel valued and respected.

As a staff, we will emphasize learning where students are challenged, excited, and engaged in relevant experiences.

As a school-community, we will invite and encourage families to be involved in meeting their children’s needs as well as celebrating their successes.

Many thanks to those who contributed their ideas, gathered ideas from others, and worked to write and re-word the statement. 

State Testing Approaches
Here is some important information about this school year’s state tests.

Each spring, Oregon students in grades 3-8 and 11 participate in state assessments in English Language Arts and Math. Rather than multiple-choice questions, today’s tests ask students to explain their reasoning and, often, write out their answers. The new assessments measure more complex skills such as critical-thinking, writing, and problem solving so that schools and parents can assess whether children are on-track to graduate high school ready for college or a career.

Students will take the state tests again this coming spring. While the tests in English Language Arts and Math cannot tell us everything about your child’s academic progress, the results do act as a snapshot of your child’s strengths and areas for improvement in those subject areas. The tests help Bethel School District get a more complete and accurate picture of how all Bethel students are performing, as we assess curriculum, review instructional strategies, distribute resources, and continue to improve our educational system.

Here is a fact sheet if you have general questions or want more information about the Oregon State Assessments.

Bethel has always had a high participation rate on state assessments as both parents and staff have found value in this “point-in-time” check on the progress of our students and our educational system. However, parents in Oregon have the option to opt their children out of the state assessments. Here is the form and further information that explains how you can opt your child(ren) out of state assessments this spring. Should you wish to opt your child out, please read the information carefully then print, complete, and return the form to our school’s main office by February 1st, 2018. In addition, here is the form for opting out of the state Science test, the English Language Proficiency Assessment, and the Extended Assessments for eligible students with disabilities.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

John Luhman


Pruebas del estado
Aquí se presenta información importante sobre las pruebas escolares estatales de este año.

Cada primavera, los estudiantes de Oregón en los grados 3 a 8 y 11 participan en evaluaciones estatales en Artes de la lengua inglesa y Matemática. En lugar de preguntas de opción múltiple, la prueba de hoy les pide a los estudiantes que expliquen su razonamiento y, a menudo, que escriban sus respuestas. Las nuevas evaluaciones miden habilidades más complejas como el pensamiento crítico, la escritura y la resolución de problemas, de manera que las escuelas y los padres puedan evaluar si sus niños están en buen camino para graduarse de la secundaria, están listos para la universidad o una carrera profesional.

Los estudiantes tomarán las pruebas estatales nuevamente la próxima primavera. A pesar de que las pruebas de Artes de la lengua inglesa y Matemáticas no nos dicen todo sobre el progreso académico de su hijo, los resultados funcionan como una instantánea de las fortalezas y áreas de mejora de su hijo en esas materias. Las pruebas ayudan al Distrito Escolar de Bethel a tener una imagen más completa y precisa de cuán bien se desempeñan los estudiantes de Bethel, ya que evaluamos el plan de estudios, revisamos las estrategias institucionales, distribuimos recursos y seguimos mejorando nuestro sistema educativo.

Aquí hay una hoja de datos si tiene preguntas generales o si desea obtener más información sobre las Evaluaciones del Estado de Oregón.

Bethel siempre ha tenido una alta tasa de participación en las evaluaciones estatales, ya que tanto los padres como el personal han encontrado valor en esta verificación del “punto en el tiempo” del progreso de nuestros estudiantes y nuestro sistema educativo. Sin embargo, los padres en Oregón tiene la opción de elegir que sus hijos no participen en las evaluaciones del estado. Aquí hay un formulario y más información que le explica cómo puede elegir que su(s) hijo(s) no tome las evaluaciones estatales esta primavera. Si desea elegir que su hijo no participe, lea cuidadosamente la información y luego imprima, complete y envíe el formulario a la oficina principal de nuestra escuela antes del 1.º de febrero de 2018. Además, aquí está el formulario para optar por no participar en el examen estatal de Ciencias, la Evaluación del Dominio del Idioma Inglés y las Evaluaciones Extendidas para estudiantes elegibles con discapacidades.

Si tiene preguntas, no dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo.

John Luhman

Thanks for reading- everyone have a relaxing and enjoyable Winter Break.

John Luhman

The Latest, From Clear Lake

Greetings All,

Here is the latest from Clear Lake…

Greenhill Humane Society Coin Drive Under WayGreenhill Humane Society
We are doing a coin drive here at CL to raise funds to help the animals at Greenhill Humane Society. Our fury friends are not able to help themselves and as Winter seems to be in full swing, Greenhill steps up and takes in LOTS of animals in need. Mostly dogs and cats, they serve the county and also take in rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, chickens, goats- and more!!! Every homeroom has a container that we are trying to fill with coins (paper currency is OK, too!!) We will present our money on Friday the 15th at 1:45 when a Greenhill representative visits Clear Lake.

PTO Meeting December 14, 6:30pm
Our PTO will meet this Thursday the 14th at 6:30pm in the school library. FREE childcare is provided. We will be discussing plans for the Spring Family Fun Night as well as review any funds requests from staff. Our PTO is growing, supportive, and a big part of the success of students- please come join us!

Town Hall Meeting Tuesday
Bethel will host a Town Hall Meeting featuring Representative Julie Fahey, Bethel’s State Senator James Manning, our City Councilor Greg Evans, County Commissioner Pat Farr, Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis, and Bethel School Board Chair Dawnja Johnson. Everyone is welcome. Bring your issues relevant to the Bethel community:

  • Willamette High School Lecture Hall (in main office building)
  • Tuesday, December 12th, 6:30 p.m.
Reunión del Ayuntamiento el martes
Bethel será el anfitrión de una reunión en el Ayuntamiento con la representante Julie Fahey, el senador estatal de Bethel James Manning, el concejal Greg Evans, la comisionada del condado Pat Farr, la alcaldesa de Eugene Lucy Vinis y la presidenta de la junta escolar de Bethel Dawnja Johnson. Todos son bienvenidos. Haga que sus problemas sean relevantes para la comunidad Bethel:

  • Sala de conferencias Willamette High School (en el edificio de la oficina)
  • Martes, 12 de diciembre, 6:30 p.m.


That’s it for now- Thanks for reading!

From Clear Lake

Bethel School District is fortunate to have been awarded a CATCH grant through Lane County Public Health. CATCH stands for a Coordinated Approach to Child Health. It encompasses Nutrition and Physical Education with a goal of preventing childhood obesity, identifying healthy food choices, and encouraging active and healthy children.

As part of the CATCH grant, we will be privately and confidentially recording each student’s weight and height during PE class. These numbers are used to figure out the student’s body mass index or BMI. While no names or individual information are shared in the CATCH report or with other students or staff, you may still choose to have your child excluded from this survey.

If you wish that your child NOT take part in the BMI survey, please contact Mr. Luhman at 541 607-1451.

NO SCHOOL 11/22 – 11/24
Remember: Wednesday is a Budget Reduction Day and Thursday and Friday are holidays- so no school for the next three days. School resumes Monday, Nov. 27.

All Clear At Clear Lake

At the request of Eugene Police, Clear Lake was put on lockout at 2:28 this afternoon. All of our exterior doors remained secure while law enforcement officers looked for a suspect in the area.

At dismissal time students who walk or ride bikes to school were kept at the school, while bus riders and those who were picked up by parents were allowed to leave.

At 3:15 all students were allowed to leave after the school got the OK from police.

Thank you for your patience as we implemented our emergency procedures at a particularly challenging time of day.

John Luhman
Clear Lake Principal