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Bethel School District is fortunate to have been awarded a CATCH grant through Lane County Public Health. CATCH stands for a Coordinated Approach to Child Health. It encompasses Nutrition and Physical Education with a goal of preventing childhood obesity, identifying healthy food choices, and encouraging active and healthy children.

As part of the CATCH grant, we will be privately and confidentially recording each student’s weight and height during PE class. These numbers are used to figure out the student’s body mass index or BMI. While no names or individual information are shared in the CATCH report or with other students or staff, you may still choose to have your child excluded from this survey.

If you wish that your child NOT take part in the BMI survey, please contact Mr. Luhman at 541 607-1451.

NO SCHOOL 11/22 – 11/24
Remember: Wednesday is a Budget Reduction Day and Thursday and Friday are holidays- so no school for the next three days. School resumes Monday, Nov. 27.

All Clear At Clear Lake

At the request of Eugene Police, Clear Lake was put on lockout at 2:28 this afternoon. All of our exterior doors remained secure while law enforcement officers looked for a suspect in the area.

At dismissal time students who walk or ride bikes to school were kept at the school, while bus riders and those who were picked up by parents were allowed to leave.

At 3:15 all students were allowed to leave after the school got the OK from police.

Thank you for your patience as we implemented our emergency procedures at a particularly challenging time of day.

John Luhman
Clear Lake Principal

The Latest News from Clear Lake…

Greetings All,

Here are some updates from CL and the local community…

CL PTO Meets this Thursday at 6:30
The November meeting of the CL PTO will be this Thursday the 16th at 6:30pm in the school Library. Currently, we are under way in planning our Spring Family Fun Night- our annual FREE event for all CL families. Please join us in helping the entire school-community by working with the PTO. FREE childcare is provided for the event.

Budget Reduction Day coming
Wednesday the 22nd of November is a budget reduction day in Bethel School District. All schools will be closed the day before Thanksgiving. And, the day after Thanksgiving is a holiday, as well. School will resume on Monday the 27th.

State School Report Card
As our students continue to make gains each day in the classroom, here is a look at last school year’s State School Report Card. We use the information from the report card each year to make program adjustments and plan additional supports for students.
Click here for the Clear Lake State Report Card.
Click here for the Bethel School District State Report Card.

Resultados de pruebas estatales
A medida que nuestros estudiantes continúan haciendo ganancias diario en el aula, aquí es una mirada a Informe Escolar del Estado Tarjeta del último año escolar. Utilizamos la información de la tarjeta de calificaciones cada año para hacer los ajustes del programa y planear apoyos adicionales para los estudiantes.
Haga clic aquí para obtener la Clear Lake Informe de Estado.
Haga clic aquí para el Estado Distrito Informe de Bethel Schools.

Clear Lake Immunization Results

Under a new state law we are required to share our school and the County’s immunization rates with you twice a year. Enjoy.

Resultados de la inmunización
Bajo una nueva ley estatal estamos obligados a compartir nuestra escuela y las tasas de vacunación del condado con usted dos veces al año. Disfrutar.

Tenant Rights: Understanding Rights and Protections
Do you want to learn more about your rights and protections in housing? Please join us and learn about fair housing rights and resources! This event will include important information shared by the Fair Housing Council of Oregon, the Oregon Law Center and Eugene’s Rental Housing Code Program. You will have opportunities to discuss issues you’ve faced and ask question of presenters.

Two trainings will feature the same content designed to help community members understand protections and rights for tenants including information on “protected classes” and ample time for questions.

Light snacks will be provided at both trainings. Childcare will be provided at Meadow View School, 1855 Legacy Drive on Nov 15. Click HERE to read the English flyer about the event, HERE for the Spanish flyer.

That’s all for now- Thanks for reading!

John Luhman

The Latest, From Clear Lake…

This week, 10/23 – 27, students and staff will be practicing several of our safety drills at Clear Lake. Teachers have a schedule of the drills and will be talking to their students in advance about what will happen during each drill, what students need to do, and where to go. These drills are practiced at all schools in Bethel and are important so that everyone is prepared in the event of a variety of incidents. During the Lock Down drill, our front doors will be temporarily closed and locked- with signs to let folks know about the drill and a number to call, if needed. Drills include; Directed Response Drill, Room Clear Drill, Lock-Down Drill, and Directed Evacuation Drill. If you have any questions about any of these drills, contact Mr. Luhman. 

Get ready, get set…. DOUGH!!! The over 1,000 tubs of Monster Cookie frozen dough will be here at CL for pickup starting at 2:30pm on Wednesday the 25th in our cafeteria. Students with 3 tubs of dough or less will be given the dough to take home at the end of the school day. Please plan to come pick up orders- the cafeteria will be open until 6pm that evening. And PTO says a big THANK YOU to all who helped with their Fall fundraiser.

With a wish to have all of our students participate in a Fall activity that does not conflict with any families’ traditions or wishes, we have a special celebration in place of a school Halloween celebration.

We will not have students wear or bring costumes to school. Instead, we have a week of daily “School Spirit” activities where students are invited to participate with their class- and the entire school.

Teachers will have some items on hand that will be available to students who forgot or did not come dressed for the theme day. That way, we should have ALL students participating and joining the school-wide Fun for the week of the 30th.

Here are the plans for each day that week…

M 10/30- Sports/Team Day: Wear your favorite sports team apparel or dress up as an athlete from your favorite sport!

T 10/31- Clear Lake Pride Day: Wear blue to support the clear lake bears or a clear lake shirt!

W 11/1- Wacky Wednesday: Wear crazy socks, clothes inside out, crazy hair…anything wacky and fun!

Th 11/2- Color Day: Grades wear all one color: Kinder – red, 1st – green, 2/3- yellow, 4/5 – orange

F 11/3- PJ Day: Come to school cozy in your PJs and slippers (Must have real shoes for before/recess/after school).


That’s all for now- thanks for reading!

The Latest- From Clear Lake…

Greetings Friends, Families, Staff and Students, here’s the latest from Clear Lake…

Monster Cookie Dough Fundraiser Ends
If you haven’t already done so, please turn in your orders and money for the Fall fundraiser to help the PTO. Counting and dough orders will be submitted soon. The plan is for the frozen dough to be delivered to school on Wednesday, Oct. 18th in the late afternoon. Folks are invited to come pick up dough then. Watch for a reminder notice to give exact times, most likely 2:30-ish to 6:00-ish pm.

Back To School Night Tuesday 6-7:30pm
This Tuesday the 3rd is our annual “Back To School” night event. Families are invited to come and meet their child’s teacher and hear about academics, routines, and more- from 6-6:30pm. Then, it is time for the PTO’s $1 spaghetti feed in the cafeteria. One dollar buys you a tray of spaghetti, salad, and a breadstick. Come enjoy a tasty meal sponsored by the Clear Lake PTO. Students will be invited to come take a break during dinner to sing some of the familiar Clear Lake songs with Music teacher Lori Kelley. We hope to see you there!

Walk And Roll Wednesday Morning- Oct. 4th
Wednesday the 4th- is Walk and Roll to school day. Every student who walks or rolls (bike, scooter, yes- even roller blades) to school in the morning will receive a couple of small prizes and have their name entered into a drawing for some great prizes. I will walk to school from Barger and Praslin, starting at 8:00 and head East on the North side of Barger. Please join me and our “walking school bus” as we burn some energy to start the day. Regular bus and transport for students at the end of the day- Walk and Roll is a morning event.

Oregon Harvest Day Celebration Lunch- Thursday
Oregon Harvest Day is Thursday Oct 5th. Throughout the district lunch that day will consist mostly of Oregon grown and processed foods, including several items grown at the Bethel Farm.
The Oregon Harvest Day Celebration will take place at Clear Lake Elementary on Thursday Oct 5th from 11:40 12: 45pm. Click HERE to see the Oregon growers and processers who contribute- many will be onsite to serve the food they have produced and see firsthand how it impacts our students. Lunch service is from 11:40AM-12:45pm.

Here are links to the growers and producers who provide food for Bethel student meals:

Tillamook Cheese:
Franz Bakery:
Childers High Desert Grass Fed Beef:
Johnson Farm:
Hilltop Farm:
Bob’s Whole Grain Store:
Excelsior Farm, Dexter, Oregon:
Truitt Brothers, Hermiston, Oregon:
Camas Country Mill, Eugene, Oregon:
Lochmead Farms:

That’s it for now- Thanks for reading!