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Weekly update from Clear Lake

Happy Friday Eve, Clear Lake Families,

I hope this message find you all doing well and staying healthy! Our staff furlough days will be on Fridays, starting tomorrow. Teachers are continuing to prioritize time with you Mondays through Thursdays by condensing their days, and shortening their Clear Lake and District-wide grade-level teamwork meetings.

The furlough days are just another symptom of the COVID-19 pandemic. The money we are able to save this spring through furloughs will carry over to next school year and help offset large budget cuts from the state.

Note that this coming Monday is also Memorial Day, a holiday. Our teachers will be providing a full week of learning for you, but one day of activities is optional. I believe it’s important to decompress on the holiday and take time for family, if you can.

No Student Fees!!!: You will also be receiving an email from me soon with information about Online Registration for the coming school year. When you register your child, you will see that we are not charging any student fees. Normally it’s $25 per student, but we believe that waiving the fees for all students is the right thing to do. So, you can register online and we will not be asking you to pay anything.

Friday Bonus: Tomorrow, Friday the 22nd, the daily grab-and-go meals served at Bethel’s 14 sites will include a special snack pack for the weekend. So, tomorrow be sure to stop by and pick up some breakfast, lunch and a snack pack.

I say ,with confidence,that we all miss seeing your faces and we look forward to the day we can see each other face to face.  I hope you have a relaxing Memorial Day.

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District Plans Furlough Days

Due to the statewide economic impact of the COVID-19 closures in Oregon, school districts across the state have been asked to prepare for significant budget shortfalls. The Governor has ordered what amounts to a 17% funding reduction to state agencies, meaning Bethel School District faces the possibility of a $6.5 million dollar budget cut.  

In response, starting this week all Bethel staff will be furloughed one day each week through June. This could save close to $1 million that will be used next school year, helping to protect instructional days and staff positions.

Students should not notice significant changes in their Distance Learning routine due to the furlough days, which for most staff are on Fridays. Teachers have been using multiple Zoom meetings, Google Classroom, and individual phone calls to students. They will now condense their schedules and reduce the amount and length of staff meetings because of the four-day work week.

The furlough amounts to a 20% reduction in the work week and, through Oregon’s Work Share program, make Bethel staff eligible for unemployment and federal CARES Act funds. 


El distrito planea días de licencia

Debido al impacto económico a nivel estatal de los cierres de COVID-19 en Oregon, se ha pedido a los distritos escolares de todo el estado que se preparen para un déficit presupuestario significativo. El Gobernador ordenó lo que equivale a una reducción de fondos del 17% para las agencias estatales, lo que significa que el Distrito Escolar de Bethel enfrenta la posibilidad de un recorte presupuestario de $ 6.5 millones de dólares. Continue reading

Friday Family Update

Happy Friday, Clear Lake Families,

It’s hard to believe that we only have a month left of school. What a year it has been! Right now, we are considering how familiar end-of-the-year activities could be planned during this atypical time. We have already worked on returning students’ belongings to them. If you haven’t picked up your child’s desk bag, we have pick up times on Tuesday from 4:00-6:00 pm. Our staff is working on thinking of ways to honor our Fifth graders in their last year of elementary school. I will share developments on those plans as details are worked out.

Meanwhile, here is some other news for you to know:

Feedback Activities:  Since we have started Distance Learning, our teacher-developed activities have included tasks for students to engage in.  Over the last few weeks, teachers have been supporting some of those activities through Zoom class sessions and phone calls.  Starting this coming week, teachers will be asking students to show their understanding of the task by submitting work through Google Classroom, Dojo, Remind, Zoom, email and/or a phone call. Based on what teachers receive, they will provide students with feedback to support continued learning.

K-5 End-of-Year Report Cards:  End-of-Year report cards will be adjusted this year due to the COVID-19 school changes.  Grading during Distance Learning takes into account the inequitable access students may have had to learning supports and materials. As a result, the K-5 report card will include an additional page that will reflect ‘Essential Learning’ covered during our Distance Learning activities,  grades of pass/no grade, and descriptive feedback.  A ‘no grade’ will prompt teachers to re-assess and provide any needed academic supports when school resumes. 

2020-21 School Registration: Yes, it is time to start thinking about the coming school year. Soon we will be activating the links to the Returning Student online registration form on our school website. You will also receive your child’s unique registration snapcode and other pertinent information to help you through the registration process. As always, call us with your questions at 541-658-5600.

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Happy Weekend, Clear Lake Families!

We have just completed Teacher Appreciation Week, and I know I speak for so many of you who are grateful for the dedication and caring shown by our team during the school closure. I am fortunate to be a part of several of the Zoom meetings, and the #1 focus is always on caring for students. It warms my heart to see the faces of our students and hear about how they have been spending their days. THANK YOU for making sure they are connecting with their teacher at least once a week. It is SO important for all of us!

This week we were able to (digitally) shower our teachers with signs of appreciation and love. Some of you were able to send me messages I then passed on to teachers. We kicked off our week with some coffee cards from Starbucks, our teachers then helped pass out desk bags (it was SO GREAT seeing some of you!), our PTO spoiled our teachers with gift cards to Amazon and our classified staff expressed their appreciation and adoration with words (Check out the video here). We ended our week with a little Zumba Happy Hour via Zoom! WE LOVE OUR TEACHERS!

Here is some other important news you need to know:

Report Card Update:  Following guidance from the state, report cards will include an additional page highlighting what was covered in distance learning for K-8 students.  Marks for distance learning will reflect a P for Progress or NG for No Grade.  More information will be provided with the report card.  In the meantime, teachers will be communicating with students and families on ways to turn in activities, and how teachers will use observations from online meetings or phone calls to support student engagement. Continue reading

Clear Lake Friday Update

Principals With Purpose: We Love Our Teachers!

Hello Clear Lake families!

It has been so great to hop on to Zoom meetings with teachers and see our students faces! I’ve missed them so much! We have an exciting event coming up next week. May 4-8, 2020 is National Teacher Appreciation week, and at Clear Lake, our teachers are OUTSTANDING! During this unprecedented time, it has become even more apparent that Clear Lake teachers have talent, creativity, compassion and care that rises above all. In less than a week our teachers were able to change everything about their teaching process. They found alternative methods to connect with students, directed care and support where it was needed most, and rebuilt their classroom community into something simply amazing. This is not what teachers initially sign up for, but OUR teachers have made it their own. Our classified staff and our PTO are planning some ways to recognize the outstanding dedication, professionalism and genuine care that has been displayed by our teachers, especially over the last month. But we’d also like your help! Please take a moment to complete a survey with your child to share a teacher shout out, a fun memory, or a reason or two as to why our teaching staff at Clear Lake is the BEST! Continue reading