All Bethel schools will be closed Friday, December 16th, due to continued safety concerns. All evening activities are also cancelled Friday.

Numerous branches, weakened by a layer of ice, continue to fall around Bethel schools (see below) creating hazardous conditions for students and staff. Many Bethel-area roads are impassable for Bethel school buses. And a number of staff remain unable to leave their neighborhoods due to downed trees and power lines.

The District eagerly anticipates the resumption of classes on Tuesday, January 3rd.

School has been cancelled in Bethel School District Thursday, December 15th.

An accumulation of ice has made the morning commute very risky. Law enforcement is advising residents to stay home unless absolutely necessary. Student safety remains the district’s top priority.

All school-related evening activities are also cancelled.

Clear Lake will be open and ready for students after today’s 2-hour delay.

Buses will operate 2-hours later than normal. School will begin at 10:55am.

Some side roads and sidewalks still have slick spots, and caution is urged on the morning commute.

Breakfast and lunch will still be served, and 2:55pm dismissal at the end of the day is at its normal time.

We are happy to tell you that we have rescheduled the Clear Lake parent-teacher conferences that were postponed Thursday when school was cancelled. This is an important opportunity that we want to provide.

Our make-up day for conferences will be Thursday, January 5th. This will allow families time to make arrangements with work or child care in order to attend the meeting.

Here is more information about the rescheduled conferences:

  • If you had a meeting time scheduled for Thursday, you will keep that same time for January 5th.
  • If you were not able to schedule a conference time, or need to make changes to your conference time on Jan. 5th, please call the school so we may connect you with your child’s teacher. 541 689-0511.
  • Report cards will be mailed home. Your child’s On-Track Report will be shared with you during your conference time.
  • January 5th will be a half-day of school, just like Thursday was supposed to be, in order for teachers to meet with all the scheduled parents. Release time on January 5th will be 11:55am.
  • Friday, January 6th, will be a regular full day of school

Thanks very much for your patience. We look forward to a great turnout for conferences on January 5th.

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