First Track Meet For Elementary Team

The all-district track meet for grade 4/5 teams is history. Yesterday- the 26th- at Willamette High’s track, several hundred athletes from the seven

100 meter dash athletes show their ribbons.

Bethel elementary schools met and competed at various track and field events. Clear Lake’s coach, Sherry Martinel, was not only pleased with our team’s performance, but their team spirit at cheering on one another- and their great sportsmanship at cheering on the other schools. Congratulations to all the kids who competed. The last meet of the year is on May 9th, 4:00pm at Willamette.

More Top Spellers From Room 7!!!

A growing number of top spellers from room 7 show their test scores.

Take a look at the story below and the number of students who had scores of 90% or more on their spelling test last Fall. Take a look at this picture; do you see anything different? Notice how many more students are improving at their spelling skills in Mrs. Johnson’s 2nd grade class. All of the students share that they practice, practice, and practice- and it sure does pay off.

The school-wide spelling bee will be held once again this year at Clear lake for students in grades 2-5. The finals are scheduled to take place May 31st. Stay tuned for more information on the exact time.


Lottery Event Nets $$$ For Clear Lake

The winning amount from the Scratch It For Schools event.

Each Fall the Oregon Lottery invites schools to enter their name for the “Scratch It For Schools” event held in the Spring. We entered our school and were drawn for the annual event. This morning at LCC, our PTO president Abe Gilliam, Matt Groff- husband of teacher Echo Groff, and three news team members from KMTR- Kelli Warner, Marc Mullins, and Jordan Steele went to work scratching tickets for Clear Lake. After the final bell and some counting, we earned $1,159 for the school. A BIG thanks to our team for their hard work helping the school.

Family Fun Night Rescheduled

The interior courtyard at Clear Lake on Wednesday afternoon.

With the snow bringing school closures, tonight’s Family Fun Night is cancelled. We have resceheduled the event to Thursday, April 19th- 6:30 -8:00pm. Check out Mr. Luhman’s blog to the left for more details about Family Fun Night. Also rescheduled is the Limo Lunch ride for the 7 top sellers of the recent Pastery Puffins PTO Fundraiser. The Limo ride will be on Wednesday, April 4th.

Think About Being A Clear Lake Volunteer

If you have time in your schedule to come to the school- or do something at home- Clear Lake can use your support. Volunteers help the school keep our high quality programs going strong and allow our staff to do even more with our time. It is a tremendous resource that can help in a big way. Click Volunteer job descriptions to see a brief description of a few volunteer jobs. If you are interested, click Volunteer Form English 2010 to download a volunteer background check form.

Be a part of the Clear Lake Elementary team that helps our students learn and grow every day!!!

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