Top S-P-E-L-L-E-R-S From Room 7

2nd grade top spellers show off their work

The second grade class in Mrs. Johnson’s room & is highly motivated to do their best at their spelling tests. When students score 90% or better, they have a short meeting and mini-celebration with Principal Luhman. The kids work hard to practice their words and are improving their spelling skills. Mr. Luhman hopes he is soon meeting with the WHOLE class- a likely possibility given how hard the students are trying!

Every Student Is An Author

Student identities shown in Author Project

What a wonderful display of author information provided by our music teacher, Lori Kelley. Students created a likeness of themselves, true to their style, and added author information inside. a few hundred of these creations line the hallway between our gym and music room. Thanks to Ms. Kelley and every student who took the time to personalize their creation and show their author style.

Buddy Classes A Great Partnership

Students in 4th grade met with a first grade class today in the first of many “Buddy Class” activities. Buddy classes provide an opportunity for older students to work with younger students. It provides positive relationships, positive role modeling, one-on-one teaching, and fun for the older students, as well as the younger ones.

Clear Lake 4th graders work with 1st graders on a fun project during their first "Buddy Class" activity

Senator Ron Wyden Visits Clear Lake

On Wednesday the 26th, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden visited Clear Lake Elementary School.

Senator Wyden serves locally grown corn to students.

Senator Wyden helped serve a bit of locally grown corn,supplied to CL by local farms as part of the Farm To School program. He then toured our CL garden, listened to 5th graders tell him about their work and plans for the garden. Click HERE to see a KMTR video of the visit.

From The Garden To The School

Our School’s garden will soon provide food at lunch for nearly 200 students. On November 1st, all of our recently harvested butternut squash will be added to the vegetable soup that day. This year, our 5th grade students work in the school garden through a PTO-funded program with the School Garden Project. We plan to do more of this as we continue expanding the use of our garden.

5th grade students pose with Cori Sweet, Clear Lake Cook, with some of the squash.

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