On Wednesday the 26th, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden visited Clear Lake Elementary School.

Senator Wyden serves locally grown corn to students.

Senator Wyden helped serve a bit of locally grown corn,supplied to CL by local farms as part of the Farm To School program. He then toured our CL garden, listened to 5th graders tell him about their work and plans for the garden. Click HERE to see a KMTR video of the visit.

Our School’s garden will soon provide food at lunch for nearly 200 students. On November 1st, all of our recently harvested butternut squash will be added to the vegetable soup that day. This year, our 5th grade students work in the school garden through a PTO-funded program with the School Garden Project. We plan to do more of this as we continue expanding the use of our garden.

5th grade students pose with Cori Sweet, Clear Lake Cook, with some of the squash.

Over twenty Clear Lake staff members practiced long and hard and performed our “Clear Lake In Black” dance number (from “Men In Black”) at the second annual Bethel Education Foundation Talent Show. Many thanks to our Media Coordinator- Leslie Brown- for her leading us all in the choreography and costuming. Check out the routine here:

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Members from a local church have begun their Project Hope work at Clear Lake. They are pressure washing areas of the courtyard where students eat lunch outdoors. The picnic tables are being sanded- ready for painting. The team has a lot more in store and all of it will be a big help for the school.

Sincere thanks to all of the Project Hope volunteers around the community for supporting schools.


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