Pack 23 Builds Birdhouses For CL

The interior courtyard of the school is a sanctuary for birds, squirrels, bugs- even snakes! Our 8 birdhouses were old and falling apart after years of use. So, the cub scouts of Pack 23

Brothers Trevor and Andrew Patrick and their birdhouses.

Brothers Trevor and Andrew Patrick and their birdhouses.

went to work building new birdhouses, taking down the old ones and putting the new ones up. Two of the scouts are brothers- 1st grade Trevor Patrick and 5th grade Andrew Patrick. A BIG thanks to them and the rest of their fellow scouts for helping the wildlife at Clear lake.

THANK YOU, Bethel Voters for the new lab…

The new 40-computer lab is in the final stages of being set up for use.

The new 40-computer lab is in the final stages of being set up for use.

With the passage of the bond measure last Fall 2012, Clear Lake has received our first installment of the technology upgrades in the district; 40 brand new high-speed HP computers are in place, along with new tables that reconfigure the space. These computers are all wireless to the internet, have large flat screen monitors with the CPU and disk drive built into the monitor body. The result is a sleek, clean lab with minimal cables and wiring. We’re excited to put the new machines to use! Soon, teachers will receive upgraded technology, as well.

Rock Artists At Work

Lydia, Tori, Anthony, and Carter show their work.

Lydia, Tori, Anthony, and Carter show their work.

Recently, every student at Clear Lake painted a rock as part of our “There is Only One You” project. The idea was inspired by the book of the same title. And, we recognize that there is only one of each student here at CL- that all students are individuals with unique qualities, interests and abilities. 4th and 5th grade students Lydia, Tori, Anthony, and Carter laid the rocks out in one of our courtyard areas to create our CL intitals. A great symbol that CL is made up of our all of our unique and individual students!

Kindergarten Stone Soup Celebration A Treat

Stone Soup PartyAfter reading the story of Stone Soup in class, the parents came to visit and join their children in having stone soup, biscuits, and fresh made butter today. Click HERE to read a brief version of Stone Soup. It is a good lesson in people coming together and helping one another. This is a great example of combining character education with academics- culminating in a party enjoyed by all.

Green Team Returns To Work

Clear Lake’s 4th and 5th grade students interested in volunteering their recess time as part of the school’s Green Team have begun work for the year. In addition to collecting leftover fruit Green Team 11-20-13and vegetables from lunch trays- which end up in the compost bin (we composted over 2,000 lbs of material last year)- the team will have guests from Lane Community College teach them about energy efficiency. The team will also spearhead our school recycling program and work at the school moving to the “Merit” level as an Oregon Green School. These kids are dedicated and totally up for their work!

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