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The End of 16-17 At Clear Lake

CL Spelling Bee Is C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E
The annual CL Spelling Bee was held June 13 in the gym. Classes and families were in attendance to watch the contestants say, spell, then say the words until a final winner emerged at each grade. This year’s winners; Lila Gouldner G2, Aaliyah Johnson G3, Lochlan Shutes G4, and Braydon Long G5. Each winner takes home their Bee trophy as a keepsake for their hard work and top notch spelling.


CL Welcomes Four New Licensed Staff Members
We have been very busy at the end of the year reviewing applications, interviewing, and finding new staff members who will join our CL family. We will have two Kindergarten classes next year, so we had to find a new K teacher. Jerry Sagala has 15 years of experience teaching Pre-K through grade 2 – mostly at K- in California. He and Mrs. Ciaverelli will be our K teachers. Mrs. Ewing and Ms. Wold will each teach a 1st grade class next year. Mrs. Oxenford will not be returning as a 2/3 teacher, we have Mr. Evan Gosa joining the staff. Evan has been teaching 6th grade in Wisconsin for 3 years (all subjects), taught in the Czech Republic for a year, and 4th grade. He is a current member & consultant of his district’s Autism Committee. Mrs. Ferry and Mr. Gingery will continue as the other 2/3 teachers. Mrs. Alsup will be moving to South Lane School district, and we have Sasha Mattingly joining us as our new Life Skills teacher. Sasha had been teaching Special Education in Albany and had previously been an Educational Assistant in a Life Skills room in Springfield before becoming a licensed teacher. Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Forester, and Miss Cotter will all return as out 4/5 teachers next year. Our counselor, Mrs. Best is moving to Pennsylvania, and we welcome Sallie Lees as our new Counselor. Mrs. Lees has a good deal of experience working with children and families through her years as a Social Worker in Washington, and Oregon. All of our staff are excited at having new, talented teachers in the building to help us keep CL a great place to educate your children and helping them grow into Bethel’s finest!

CL Alumni Visit In Grad Walk
Several former CL students recently participated in the district’s “Grad Walk” where seniors visited each school in Bethel to walk through and high-five students and staff as part of the celebration of their success in Bethel. Most of the seniors attended Bethel schools in their earlier years and had a chance to go back and see their old schools. This group gathered after their walk through Clear Lake and reminisced briefly about their time here. Congratulations to the CL Alumni and all of the Bethel seniors who have graduated this year.




Eclipse Express & August Registration
We will hold summer registration on Tuesday, Aug. 15 7am-4pm and Wednesday, Aug. 16 10am-7pm. All new and returning families are asked to come in and register for the 17-18 school year. Every student will receive a free pair of “Eclipse Glasses” courtesy of the PTO. These are special glasses that allow you to safely look directly at the sun. If you are adventuresome, come join us on August 21st for a bus trip north to the hills above Albany where the eclipse will be TOTAL at 10:17am for 2 minutes. You may join us on the bus for a $1 fee per person- which will also get you a pair of eclipse glasses as well as the ride to and from the eclipse. Children MUST be accompanied by an adult on the “Eclipse Express” bus ride. We will have information at registration about the event. The bus will leave CL at 7am on the 21st and return by 1pm.


LOTS OF Exterior Work Going On At CL
When you come to Clear Lake later this summer, be prepared for a BIG change in the look of the school. Contractors are busy power washing and peeling off old siding, new siding will go back up and Clear Lake will become a new color after all the work is done. The new color will be “Wood Shadow” which is a stone shade of gray. It will compliment the blue doors and numerous trees we have around the campus. Everyone is excited to see the new CL look as the school celebrates it’s 40th birthday!!

Summer Office Hours
The CL office will be closed for the summer after June 27 and reopen on Monday, August 7 from 8-4 each day. If you have an urgent need to contact the school, email me- Principal John Luhman- at and I will get back to you.

The Latest From Clear Lake

Clear Lake Was Walkin’ And Rollin’
Take a look at this fun video of our recent Walk and Roll to school event. A total of 126 students walked or rolled to Clear Lake that morning- May 10th.

Fifth Grade Students and Parents Shasta Middle School will be hosting their Incoming 6th Grade Orientation Night this week, Thursday May 25th from 6:00 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. in the Main Gym.  This is a great opportunity for students and parents to meet with 6th grade teachers and visit classrooms.  You are also invited to stay for Shastafest, Buy One Get One Free – Book Fair, Family Engineering Night, and PTO Barbeque.

The CL courtyard is in full bloom!

CL Courtyard Looking Like Spring
One of the great things about Clear Lake is out inside courtyard. Not only are there numerous flowering plants about, but there are dozen garden beds for growing herbs and vegetables. And on days with nice weather- like much of last week and this week- we have students sit outside to eat breakfast and lunch. There is plenty of room and lots of shade to make for a comfortable time. With the birds, squirrels, and even a couple of well-known garter snakes (they are safe- and the snakes keep their distance from onlookers) students learn to have manners for the outdoors and be respectful to the many living things who’s home we are in when we eat outside.


Jog-A-Thon Donations Due PLEASE send in Jog-A-Thon Donations (if you haven’t already done so) by Tuesday- May 23. Our PTO will be busy preparing the final tally and identifying the students who will attend the Party Bus trip, or win a Gift Card, or which class earns one of four class parties. And, if we reach our all-school goal of $4,000 (we came VERY close last year)- a special dance party for the whole school!!!

Try-It Thursday This Week
Each month, Bethel Food Services offers students a new, healthy, food sample to try in their “Try-It Thursday” event. This week it is strawberry

Students practice knife skills in cutting up the ingredients and making a yummy potato salad.

cucumber salad. Click HERE for the recipe and visit the FOOD HERO web site for LOTS of free healthy recipes.

And speaking of Food Heros… Our 4th grade students in Mrs. Cox’s class were at it again with another cooking lesson- courtesy of the OSU Extension service program. This time, students practiced knife skills- carefully- and chopped up and mixed the ingredients for potato salad. The students all did a fine job and sampled their work at the end of the lesson. A survey on their experience always accompanies the end of each lesson. If your child is in Mrs. Cox’s class and you are having a picnic this summer… Well, I think there is at least one dish they can prepare for all!


Students sorting common objects by their characteristics is a valuable math skill!

Math Skill Practice Is Fun
Recently, students in Ms. Wold’s room 4  math class were working on a math lesson and having fun doing it. students worked in pairs or alone and received a box FULL of some

common items. One box had small sea shells, another had buttons, another had bottle tops, and another held various types of beans. There were many boxes in addition to these with common items you might collect around the house. Students took their box and came up with their own criteria to sort the items into different groups. Maybe by size, by color, or by shape. Whatever the reason, it is part of a math skill to discriminate items within a group by some attribute or characteristic. Students came up with their own characteristics for which to sort the items in the box. A seemingly simple task that lends to future years work in geometry.


Planning For Next School Year The district has passed their budget for the upcoming school years and Clear Lake will see a positive chance next year. For 2017-2018, we will have 2- All Kindergarten classes and 2- All 1st grade classes. Our 2nd / 3rd and 4th / 5th will continue to have blended homerooms for half of the school day, but break into straight grade classes for Reading, Writing, and Math.

The work is under way to find a new Kindergarten teacher. We will also hire a 2/3 teacher as Mrs. Oxenford was here temporarily for just this year. And our Counselor, Mrs. Best, is moving as her husband has taken a job in Pennsylvania. We are in the process of hiring for those positions, as well.

Fidget Spinners We recently sent home a letter about fidget spinners at school. Sold as a “fidget” to help student concentrate at school, they don’t quite hit the mark on doing just that. We do have students use fidgets during the day as they DO help students concentrate and learn. If you think your child would benefit from one, contact Mr. Luhman: or 541 689-0511 and discuss your child’s needs. A fidget alone, without other strategies, is not the solution to student success! Fidget spinners must remain in backpacks during the day unless parents-teachers have made arrangements in advance.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading!

John Luhman

From Clear Lake

Greetings All,

Here are the updates from CL:

Beautiful 74 degree weather for the annual CL Jog A Thon.

The Jog-A-Thon Is Done
The annual CL Jog-A-Thon was held Wednesday under sunny 74 degree skies- we could not have ordered better weather if we were able. Thanks to the many parents and families who came to walk/jog or cheer on their children and join in the fun. Students and many staff kept moving along the approximately 1/4 mile track for the 30 minute event. Each class had it’s own starting spot and every time the students from that class passed their start point they received a popsicle stick to keep count of how many laps were done. Now the students are headed out to collect the pledges they were promised for each lap completed. The PTO asks that all money be turned in no later than May 18th. A big thanks to all of the students and families who are working to gather donations for the CL PTO.

Immunization Results
Under a new state law we are required to share our school and the County’s immunization rates with you twice a year. Enjoy.

Resultados de la inmunización
Bajo una nueva ley estatal estamos obligados a compartir nuestra escuela y las tasas de vacunación del condado con usted dos veces al año. Disfrutar.

Free Lunches for Kids
June 26th to August 25th, Lunches are first come first serve for children ages 2 to 18. Children ages 1 to 2 may eat when accompanied by a responsible adult. All food must be eaten on site. Visit for a list of sites and times.

Almuerzos gratis para los niños
Del 26 de junio al 25 de agosto se sirve a los niños/jóvenes del 2 a 18 años primero en llegar, primero servido. Niños de un año a dos estan bienvenidos a comer acompañados de un adulto. Hay que comer toda la comida en el sitio. Visite para nuestros sitios y horarios.

Talk Time
Learning English? Come meet other learners and practice conversational English together! Thursday, May 18, 4:00, at the Downtown Eugene library. It’s free!

Hora de hablar
¿Estás aprendiendo inglés? ¡Ven a conocer a otros que también lo están aprendiendo y practica tu inglés con ellos! Jueves, 18 de mayo, 4:00, Biblioteca Pública de Eugene – Centro. ¡Gratis!

That’s it for now- thanks for reading!

John Luhman

The Latest from Clear Lake…

Howdy All,

A couple of reminders and some new info;

Walk And Roll Tomorrow Morning
Tomorrow- Wednesday the 10th- is Walk and Roll to school day. Every student who walks or rolls (bike, scooter, yes- even roller blades) to school in the morning will receive a couple of small prizes and have their name entered into a drawing for some great prizes. I will walk to school from Barger and Praslin, starting at 8:05 and head East on the North side of Barger. Please join me and our “walking school bus” as we burn some energy to start the day. Regular bus and transport for students at the end of the day- this is a morning event.

Jog-A-Thon Tomorrow
Also scheduled for tomorrow is our annual Jog-A-Thon. Our PTO event for final fundraising this year. Please come join us at the track behind CL-Shasta at 1:30pm for the 30 minute event. Each class will have a starting position where the students will receive a popsicle stick for every lap they complete. PTO has a bottle of water for each student- please encourage your child to wear a hat and walking appropriate shoes. The weather will be FANTASTIC and perfect for this fun all-school event.

Bethel Multicultural Fair All are welcome to Bethel’s 4th annual Multicultural Fair. There will be free delicious tastes of food from around the world, amazing performances, and interesting information about the many diverse cultures in our community. Join us Friday, May 19th, 6:00-8:00 at Prairie Mountain School.

Feria Multicultural de Bethel Todos son bienvenidos a la 4ta Feria Multicultural anual de Bethel. Habrá sabores deliciosos libres de la comida de alrededor del mundo, actuaciones asombrosas, e información interesante sobre las muchas culturas diversas en nuestra comunidad. Únase a nosotros Viernes, 19 de mayo, 6: 00-8: 00 en Prairie Mountain School.

That’s it for now- thanks for reading.

John Luhman

The Latest From Clear Lake…

Mark your calendar for May 10- Wednesday: our Spring Walk & Roll to school day event is that morning and our annual Jog-A-Thon is that afternoon at 1:30 pm. Here is the WALK & ROLL flyer with info about Mr. Luhman’s “Walking School Bus” down Barger the morning of the 10th. Every student who Walks or Rolls that morning will receive a prize and be entered into a drawing where one lucky district student will win a bicycle! We have a scooter, bike helmets, bike locks, safety lights and more for our own school drawing.

Then, at 1:30pm, please join us at the track behind CL/Shasta for our annual Jog/Walk-A-Thon. Our PTO has funded over $7,000 this year in requests for chromebooks (computers), the 4/5 Track program, OBOB, class books, field trips, and more.  Every dollar counts and any amount is appreciated by the PTO.

Food Heros In The Making
4th grade students recently had their first experience preparing a yummy and HEALTHY dessert treat as part of a

“FOOD HERO” lesson provided free by OSU Extension Service. In conjunction with our CATCH program to promote more child activity and healthy eating (do you know your “GO,” “SLOW,” and “WOAH” foods??) the FOOD HERO lessons aim to teach students how to make good tasting, healthy treats for home. 

Crunch Time In PE Class

Students in Mrs. White’s (our PE specialist who works with all classes each Wednesday) PE class are always doing some fun and physically active things during her Wednesday PE class. Last time I dropped in I saw an “abdominal and leg workout”- not to mention flexibility and agility game called the Noodle Relay. Students lay on their back in a line of four and pass a short Noodle foam piece over their head to the next person. Once the first person passed the noodle, they quickly get up and go to the top of the line and lay down- ready for the noodle to come to them. This relay was a great bit of exercise and every student was having fun trying to meet the challenge as a team. Try that in your fitness club!!!

Have Fun on Children’s Day / Book Day
Visit the Downtown Eugene Public Library this Sunday, April 30, between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. for an international celebration about children, cultures, and books for the whole family. The bilingual festival includes stories, music, live dances, creative activities, and registration to use the library, refreshments, and gifts for children’s books. Admission is free.

Diviértete en el Día de los Niños / Día de los Libros
Visita la Biblioteca Pública de Eugene el domingo, 30 de abril entre la una y las cuatro de la tarde, Una fiesta internacional que celebra niños, culturas, y libros para toda la familia. El festival bilingüe de todo un fin de semana incluye cuentos, música, bailes en vivo, actividades creativas, carnetización e inscripciones para poder usar la biblioteca, refrigerios, y regalos de libros para niños. La entrada es gratis. 

News From The Bethel Farm
You are invited to attend the upcoming volunteer training/orientation and learn how to get involved in the Bethel Farm. All are welcome and encouraged. Volunteers will learn about basic gardening skills and will enjoy the benefit of taking home produce when extra is available.

  • Monday, May 1st, 5:30-6:30 pm @ The Bethel Farm Barn
  • Please RSVP to Jo Rodgers at:
  • The Bethel Farm is located behind Prairie Mountain School.

You will need to complete the Bethel School District online volunteer application and background check (note: easy and fast process with no SSN required) before participating in a work party. Make sure you click “All District” or “Bethel Farm” from the menu.  The application is also available in Spanish.

Updates and news from Farmer Kasey can be found at The Bethel Farm website:

Noticias de la granja Bethel¡Usted está invitado a asistir al próximo entrenamiento/orientación voluntaria para aprender cómo involucrarse en la granja! Todos son bienvenidos y alentados. Los voluntarios aprenderán acerca de las habilidades básicas de jardinería y disfrutarán del beneficio de llevar productos agrícolas cuando haya extra disponible.

  • Lunes, 1 de mayo, 5:30-6:30 pm @ El granero de la granja de Bethel
  • Responda por favor a Jo Rodgers a:,
  • La granja de Bethel se encuentra detrás de Prairie Mountain School.

Se requiere completar una solicitud de voluntario en línea con el Distrito Escolar de Bethel y la verificación de antecedentes antes de participar en una fiesta de trabajo (nota: proceso fácil y rápido y no requiere mostrar su número de identificación social). La solicitud también está disponible en español.

Las actualizaciones y noticias de La Granjera Kasey se pueden encontrar en el sitio web de la granja de Bethel:

That’s all for now- thanks for reading!

John Luhman