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Greetings everyone,

It’s been another fun week at Clear Lake as we head into Spring Break. Family Fun Night was a blast! Thanks again to our dedicated PTO for making that happen. There were well over 250 people here enjoying the Bingo, Ice Cream (once we got it thawed and CUT up- thanks to Mr. Gingery!), and the carnival games- all FREE.

Kids love our all-school assemblies and we had another one today-Friday- to recognize academic achievement, perfect attendance, self-managers and students of the month- and to kickoff our Read-a-Thon. Students have packets so they may begin reading over Spring break and log those reading minutes- AND raise pledge money to buy more books for our school library. There are some VERY popular books that are often all checked out from the school library- with these funds we can buy more!


On Saturday, March 31 at 12:00 NOON- Rain OR Shine- will Be Anita K’s 37th annual Easter Egg Hunt. She is a local Bethel resident who does the egg hunt all on her own on the field behind Clear Lake/Shasta. Childern 12 and under are welcome to come for the hunt. She will run groups 3 & under, 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12. She asks that parents give their children a strong plastic bag or pillow case. Paper may fall apart if it gets damp. And, Anita asks parents not to help their children unless they have a disability that requires support. She wants children to do this on their own as much as possible.

I’m also attaching questions and answers HERE about how we celebrate with children at school, in response to some parent questions last month. If you have questions that aren’t answered or if you have ideas on how to help us create inclusive celebrations at school, feel free to contact me.


Thanks for reading, have a good break!



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