Bethel School District Eugene OR

Lockout at Clear Lake

Clear Lake Families,

Our school went into what we call a lockout for about 20 minutes this morning at the request of Eugene Police.  This means that students and teachers were asked to remain in their classrooms but exterior doors were locked as teaching and learning continued as usual. Police were responding to a potentially suicidal person near Golden Gardens Park, and in an abundance of caution we were asked to keep everyone inside. Police say he was not a direct threat to Clear Lake or our students.

As always, your child’s safety is very important to us, and I also believe it is important to keep you updated on events such as this. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. And check out the District’s School Safety page to learn more about Lockouts, Lockdowns, and how we respond to emergency situations.

Karyn Bayer
Clear Lake Principal

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