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Fundraiser for Technology begins soon at Clear Lake

Clear Lake will begin a major fundraising effort dedicated to technology in the school, starting Monday, January 28, ending Monday, February 11. Students and staff will have materials (catalogs & order sheets) to share about our “Mixed Bag Designs” fundraiser. Mixed Bag sells a variety of stylish and decorative bags- many made from recycled materials- as well as home and kitchen items. The company also offers online sales via an access code- that you can send to your distant friends and family- and help Clear Lake get the credit for those sales.

The Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser runs Jan. 28 – Feb 11.

It’s all in the name of portable technology. While we do have a wonderful computer lab with 40 large screen machines, having chromebooks in the classroom makes for quick, flexible access to the technology without classes having to compete for lab time and the time it takes to transition the class back and forth. We have a few classes who have a small number of our most reliable model- the CTL Chromebook NL7. It has a carry handle, a waterproof keyboard, and have proven durable and reliable. Each chromebook costs $239 + $40 for the software where our district technology people can maintain the chromebooks from their support area.

A Clear Lake student using a chromebook for an extra math lesson.

We are excited to raise funds with a goal to buy 30 chromebooks, to be divided among 3 classes: 10 each. That will allow students to do math lessons, writing work, and access our Language Arts portal in working at reading comprehension. Not to mention practicing for the Smater Balanced State assessment.

Watch for materials to come home and please get the word out about our Mixed Bag fundraiser at Clear Lake to support technology in the school.

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