Bethel School District Eugene OR

From Clear Lake

2019 CL Spelling Bee Winners: Ella- G3, Bryson- G4, and Tre- G5.

2019 Spelling Bee C-h-a-m-p-i-o-n-s
Congratulations to our winners of this year’s CL Spelling Bee
After a preliminary spelling test, a semi-final round, and the grade-level final, each of these winners spelled to the win!
Congratulations for Bee-ing great spellers!

Farewell and Thank You!!
The last day of school- June 18- marked the end of my 14th year at Clear Lake. I’m so proud of the staff, students, and families who have passed through the school and supported Clear Lake and Bethel. Remember that education and knowledge are the keys to attaining whatever you wish in life- it just takes hard work and follow-through to make it happen. And it starts with the first day of Kindergarten…

John Luhman


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