Cascade Middle School

Bethel School District Eugene OR

Message From Superintendent on Teacher Walkout

I want to bring your attention to action planned by the Eugene Education Association that will impact our schools in Bethel on Wednesday, May 8, 2019. You may have already heard about this in the media.

This is what we know. In an effort to rally support for increased funding for K-12 education, Eugene Education Association leadership in Bethel has indicated that the majority of licensed school staff have pledged to a “walkout” and therefore will not show up for work on Wednesday, May 8th. They will instead be attending rallies in Eugene and at the state capitol. It will not be possible to find enough substitute teachers to cover all classrooms and safely operate schools, so we will have no choice but to close all Bethel schools for the day. The district will approach this event like a snow day, with only essential staff reporting to work, such as building front office staff, administrators, custodians and maintenance staff.

The district fully understands the intent of the actions planned for May 8th, but we also have the important daily responsibility of educating, guiding, feeding, and transporting 5,400 students. The walkout will create a hardship for families and the district cannot sponsor or support this action. We also know our educators are caring individuals who are completely dedicated to their students, and they want increased funding to better support all students. Eugene Education Association has been transparent in their intentions for May 8th, giving time for parents/guardians to make arrangements for their child’s care on this day.


  • The District will work with preschool programs and school-based child care providers who will communicate directly with families regarding operating on this day
  • IB testing at WHS will take place as scheduled
  • After school youth sports schedules will not be interrupted
  • Principal Natalie Oliver will send out information regarding other events and programs specific to Cascade that are scheduled for May 8th

This missed school day will not be made up at the end of the school year in June. The make-up snow days from February have extended the school year beyond what is normally scheduled and Continue reading

BINGO next Thursday!

Thanks to Coach Berry and Taylor Chavez from the U of O Women’s Basketball Team for their visit!

Coach Graves had to leave the area last minute, but he sent two incredible people in his absence! They did a great job presenting to our students, and our students showed amazing respect to our guests!

Coach Jodi Berry and Taylor Chavez visit Mrs. Oster’s homeroom

What an attentive and kind audience!

Mark Your Calendars!

8th Grade students are fundraising for their end of year fun! Join us all next Thursday, April 25, 6:00 – 7:30pm for BINGO, Pizza, Concessions, Popcorn, 50/50 Raffle, Prizes, Staff v. Student Minute to Win It, and more!! We would love to have our entire community show up!

A few quick reminders…

Read-A-Thon Packets are DUE TOMORROW! 

Please have your teacher turn them in to the ELA teacher…

I’m a bit excited and nervous to hear who is going to switch spots with me for a day! I haven’t studied up on my P.I.E. paragraphs!


8th Grade Students…

Check with Ms. Tracy about your end of year fee! She can let you know what your balance might be.

We are in need of more 8th grade parents to support our dance, trip, and departure at the end of the year!

If your student received an AVID application for Willamette High School, it is due in the morning tomorrow, with no exceptions. It can be emailed/faxed if it’s forgotten…not all students will have this form.


No School Friday

Teachers will be hard at work during the inservice day on Friday, but students have the day off. It’s been a great week so far, let’s have two more fabulous days at CMS!

Continue Reading for the Read-A-Thon

Please encourage your student to collect pledges and donations while they read, read, read! There are many prizes to be had – see the student letter in your student’s fundraiser envelope for more information. 

Coach Kelly Graves of the Oregon Ducks will be at Cascade to help announce our winners on April 15!

Go Ducks!


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