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Conferences and Cookie Dough

Conferences are held this Wednesday and Thursday. 

THURSDAY IS A HALF-DAY, EARLY RELEASE! Students are released at 12:00. Students will receive a “snack lunch” in classrooms prior to dismissal. 

Our conferences are held in our large gym. Please enter through the front doors and head down the main hallway. You will pick up your student’s report card upon entry and find your first scheduled teacher. Since conferences are only 10 minutes, you must be on time!

Please call, email, or Remind the office staff or a teacher for your conference time if you are unsure.

Cookie Dough Pick-Up is Conference Hours

Cookie dough orders will be filled in the main hallway near the large gym. Students will choose their prizes which will be handed out Monday. Limo riders will be notified of our date! It is typically scheduled the second week in January. Fun!

Hours: Wednesday, 12/5, 5:00 – 8:00 and Thursday, 12/6, 1:00 – 8:00


Have a lovely week.

Cascade News and Notes – and a request!

Request – we get $1 for the school for every survey filled out here for University of Oregon’s research. 

Please click here for the survey

Obtenemos $ 1 para la escuela por cada encuesta completada aquí para la investigación de la Universidad de Oregón.

Haga clic aqui para survey


Conferences and Report Cards

Conference dates and times will be sent home with your student today. Please ask for these! If you have a question, please call the office.

Report Cards for trimester I are handed out at conferences. If you are unable to attend, a copy will be mailed home. Thank you!



Assembly and Yo-Yos!

We hosted John Fox, a cool yoyo dude, today, for a short presentation to the students entitled, “School is Cool.” Students were interested in purchasing yo-yos, and received an order form. They range from $8-$16 and are quality Duncan yo-yos. 10% of sales comes back to Cascade! Sales begin tomorrow in the office. 

John Fox shows students a magic trick during his YoYo show.


Students celebrate their Student of the Month award over pizza and friends – great job being Respectful!


Cascade News and Notes

Bring in those cookie dough stragglers! If you have a form sitting around that was mistakenly not turned in, please bring it to the office by tomorrow morning and we will do our best to include it! Cookie dough orders will be ready for pick-up during conferences on December 5 and December 6.


No school Thursday or Friday!


Health Class

This is a reminder that middle school health standards are taught in our hybrid PE/Health class, or as a rotating class focused on the health standards. We will also occasionally utilize class discussions and homeroom time to discuss pertinent items such as healthy nutrition (energy drinks are not allowed at school….why?), and safe social media and digital decisions. Next Monday, we will be discussing and building skills around what to do if others are using technology (phones) to ask for or deliver unsafe or explicit messages. We will also discuss personal boundaries and consent within relationships. Please let me know if you have any questions around this work, and feel free to peruse the state standards here.


We are Pleased to share our State School Report Card

As our students continue to make gains each day in the classroom, here is a look at last school year’s State School Report Card. We use the information from the report card each year to make program adjustments and plan additional supports for students.

Click here for the Cascade State Report Card.
Click here for the Bethel School District State Report Card.


Resultados de pruebas estatales

A medida que nuestros estudiantes continúan haciendo ganancias diario en el aula, aquí es una mirada a Informe Escolar del Estado Tarjeta del último año escolar. Utilizamos la información de la tarjeta de calificaciones cada año para hacer los ajustes del programa y planear apoyos adicionales para los estudiantes.

Haga clic aqui para obtener la Cascade Informe de Estado.
Haga clic aquí para el Estado Distrito Informe de Bethel Schools.

Important Information

Conferences are coming! Please join your teachers in learning about your student’s achievement in school. 

We have two methods to complete conference scheduling.

This year, you can fill out an online survey to request your conference. If you do the online form, you do not need to fill out the pink conference form. 

Here is the form! The sooner you fill it out, the more likely your spot will be a preferred time. 



Tenemos dos métodos para completar la programación de conferencias.

Este año, puede completar una encuesta en línea para solicitar su conferencia. Si realiza el formulario en línea, no es necesario que complete el formulario de conferencia rosa.

¡Aquí está la forma! Cuanto antes lo llene, más probable será que su lugar sea el momento preferido.

Haga Clic Aqui para la forma en espanol


$25 Gift Card Just for scheduling a Wellness Exam at Bethel Health Clinic!

Click here for the awesome promotion! WCE Flier Final



We are aiming for $5000 for school programs, technology, and trips. We really need your help! Please ask around, ask at work, call a friend, and get some cookie dough sold! Student packets have all of the cool prizes listed on the front!! Thank you for your support of Cascade Middle School students!

Cascade News and Notes

Cookie Dough is upon us!

This is our biggest fundraiser of the year. Please consider asking around for delicious (and local) cookie dough seekers. Students will earn incentives for 1 tub! See the packet for the fun prizes students can earn. In the past, I’ve bought 5 tubs, so the first 5 students to ask, win! Packets due Nov. 16.

We had an awesome Spirit Week last week! Thanks for helping your students participate! 7th Grade came from behind in the contest to win a full-grade party!

Winning Twin Day!

Here is a picture of what 7th Grade Social Studies looked like for a day as the students assumed roles in a midieval kingdom….a serf and a knight!

Jacob the serf and Alvic the Knight

Preparing the room against invaders

Storming the castle! 8th graders join in on the fun

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