Shasta Middle School

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Band Festival Spans The Grades

UO Director of bands Dr. Rodney Dorsey works with the Willamette High School band during the annual Bethel Band Festival.

350 students, five Bethel schools, and a continuing tradition in the district.

The Bethel Band Festival is an annual event bringing together all of Bethel’s middle and high school musicians under the direction of a guest conductor.

Dr. Rodney Dorsey, Director of Bands at the University of Oregon, was the guest clinician. He worked with each school band individually before bringing all the schools together for a massive performance.

The Willamette High School students showed off their skills, while the younger musicians heard for themselves what they could sound like with more experience.

Shasta Band Shines For County Audience

Teacher Mike Reetz leads the Shasta Jazz Band as the audience settles in for the State of the County address.

There are reasons why the Shasta Jazz Band was invited to perform at Lane County Commissioner Pat Farr’s State of the County Address.

Farr is a big fan of Shasta’s band – and Bethel School District in general. But, he also knew the students would wow the audience of elected officials and other power brokers attending the address.

The Shasta students did not disappoint.

Performing before and after Farr’s address, the band provided the perfect atmosphere and left the crowd in awe that middle school students could play so well.

Thanks to Commissioner Farr for the invitation, and thanks to teacher Mike Reetz and his students for sharing their talents and representing Bethel School District with distinction.

All In The Name Of Science

It may be the world’s most effective way to learn about the Archimedes Principle: “The buoyant force on a body placed in a fluid is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object.”

Shasta Middle School 8th graders discovered that the best part of science is experimenting to gain a better understanding, even if that takes you to the deep end of Echo Hollow Pool for the annual Shasta Cardboard Boat races.

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