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It’s Happening At The Farm

Students get up close and personal with compost at the Bethel Farm. A federal grant is providing field trips to The Farm for students throughout the district.

Hundreds of Bethel students are now being introduced to the district’s own farm within the city.

The Bethel Farm is located on the land between Kalapuya and Prairie Mountain schools.

Complete with rows of crops, a barn with solar panels, a large hoop house, raised planter beds and a food-washing station, the Bethel Farm has been impressing visitors of all ages.

A USDA Farm-to-School grant is bringing Bethel elementary students on field trips to The Farm this fall. More will happen in the spring and again next school year.

Kids help harvest veggies, make their own salsa, get up-close with compost, learn how to plant a garden, and make a bookmark with real flower petals.

A Farm-to-School educator meets with the students in their schools before every field trip, teaching them about where food comes from and why it’s important to eat locally-grown produce.

There are great things happening at The Farm.

Bethel Awarded $100,000 For Farm To School Program

School garden education and field trips to the Bethel Farm will be funded by a $100,000 USDA grant.

Bethel’s current Farm to School program will be expanded thanks to a $100,000 grant from the USDA.

As the only grant recipient in Oregon, Bethel will be able to bring science-based school garden education and nutrition education to each of its elementary schools.

The grant will also fund student field trips to the Bethel Farm and cooking classes for Kalapuya High School students.

Willamette’s Graphic Arts students will design and develop signage for cafeterias and school menus, and create promotional materials for the Farm to School program and the district’s Try It Thursday program.

Bethel’s Nutrition Services Department also recently received a $5,000 award for its use and promotion of mushrooms in school meals.

Grad Walk Offers Thanks And Inspiration

The second annual Bethel Grad Walk was another tremendous success. Willamette and Kalapuya seniors – dressed in their graduation gowns and mortar boards – visited all Bethel elementary and middle schools. It was a chance to thank the teachers who helped them over the years, and to motivate young students to aim for graduation and beyond.

A Sweet Deal From Kalapuya

The public can purchase this honey harvested from Kalapuya High School hives. The limited supply is expected to be sold quickly.

The public can purchase this honey harvested from Kalapuya High School hives. The funds go back into the school’s impressive Agriculture program.

Back by popular demand, fresh honey is being sold by students at Kalapuya High School.

80 pounds of honey was harvested from the school’s own honey bee hives and was jarred just days ago.

KHS is selling the honey for $10 per pint jar, and it’s first come, first served. The honey sold out very quickly last year.

Contact teacher Rich Dambrov to make your purchase: Richard.dambrov@bethel.k12.or.us

Some of the harvested honey is kept for student culinary projects, and a small amount was given to students who took part in the program.

KHS also collected a few pounds of beeswax that was used for various craft projects.

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