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Oh, Say, They Can Sing

Under the direction of Christina Boorman, Cascade’s choir Vox Novus will sing the National Anthem at the Eugene Emeralds’ first game of the Northwest League season.

The Eugene Emeralds’ baseball season won’t begin until Vox Novus has sung.

The choir from Cascade Middle School has been invited to sing the National Anthem on the Ems’ opening night, June 15th.

Vox Novus – New Voices – was invited back after singing the anthem at an Ems game last season, following an audition. That was part of the Ems’ first championship season since 1975.

No audition was needed this time.

In fact, the students are also rehearsing Oh, Canada, the Canadian National Anthem, because the Ems will start the Northwest League season against the Vancouver Canadians.

Moving On Up

Cascade 8th graders were guided by Willamette students on a walking tour of the high school campus. 8th grade parent night is March 21st.

Bethel 8th graders are already making plans for moving on to high school.

All the District’s 8th graders have been touring Willamette High School this week, guided around campus by current WHS Leadership students.

It’s been an eye-opening experience for the students who are the big kids back at their schools. They walked the campus, some sat in on classes, and learned about the multitude of course offerings that await them and how to sign-up for classes now.

Parents of 8th graders get their own introduction to Willamette on March 21st at 8th Grade Parent Night. It will be an opportunity to learn about the International Baccalaureate program, and the many clubs, activities, sports, and electives at Wil-Hi. 

It’s all making the transition to high school much more real for everyone.

History Comes Alive

Cascade 8th grader Daniel Edwards recites the Bill of Rights from memory. Watching is retired Cascade teacher Ray "Son of Liberty" Brown, and wife Cindy Sainz.

Cascade 8th grader Daniel Edwards recites the Bill of Rights from memory. Watching is retired Cascade teacher Ray “Son of Liberty” Brown, and wife Cindy Sainz.

Dressed in his authentic 18th century costume, Ray Brown brought the Bill of Rights to life for Cascade students.

The self-described Son of Liberty, Brown is a retired Cascade teacher who has made it his personal mission to educate as many people as possible about the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments to the Constitution.

Brown even spread the word by walking alone across the country immediately after his retirement in 2010.

In his return to Cascade, Brown and wife Cindy Sainz confirmed that two more Cascade students had won the cash award he began nine years ago for any Cascade student who could memorize and recite the entire document.

Daniel Edwards and Cody Melton are the 8th and 9th students to have met that challenge and each received $75, courtesy of the Son of Liberty.

Saxton Visit Highlights Proficiency

Oregon's Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction, Rob Saxton, watches Amber Jackson's 6th grade math class at Cascade.

Oregon’s Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction, Rob Saxton, watches Amber Jackson’s 6th grade math class at Cascade.

A new way of teaching, learning and grading was on display for Oregon’s Deputy Superintendent of Education, Rob Saxton.

The state’s #2 education official spent the morning at Cascade Middle School, which is making great strides in implementing the Proficiency instruction model.

Simply stated, in Proficiency-based instruction students start a course knowing exactly what they need to master to demonstrate that they know the appropriate material. Teachers assess the progress at every step of the way to measure learning and to gauge and adjust instruction.

When students master the required proficiencies, they are assessed and graded on that basis only.

Cascade is following Willamette High School’s lead in implementing Proficiency-based instruction.

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