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Grandma Genee Honored For Volunteer Work

Grandma Genee Heinz is known by everyone at Malabon, where she’s been a full-time volunteer for a dozen years.

All day, every day, for 12 years. That’s how long “Grandma Genee” Heinz has been a volunteer at Malabon Elementary.

Grandma Genee is the deserving winner of the ACE Award for Volunteers.

Whatever needs to be done, she’s game. Grandma Genee works in the school office, the cafeteria, the classrooms, and never seems to slow down.

She doesn’t have children of her own, but likes to say she has 425 grandchildren and they’re all at Malabon.

Thanks to the generosity of Oregon Community Credit Union, the award comes with $1,000 to be used for the school program of her choice.

Special thanks also to the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce for their continued support of the ACE Awards.

And offer your congratulations to our other volunteer nominees who give freely to help our students and staff: Arlette Sherman and Eduardo Anguiano, Willamette; Bob Mullins, Prairie Mountain.

Adriana Alvarez Is Classified ACE Awards Champion

Prairie Mountain students point our Adriana Alvarez, Bethel’s Champion in Education among Classified staff.

There’s a quiet superstar at Prairie Mountain. She’s busy as a leader, role model, team-player, supporter of students and advocate for families.

Adriana Alvarez is Bethel’s 2018 ACE Award winner for Classified staff.

She was surprised with the award during breakfast at Prairie Mountain, with a crowd of supporting staff and students there to honor her.

Adriana also receives $1,000 from Oregon Community Credit Union to be used for the school program of her choice.

The other nominees deserve recognition for the outstanding work they do for Bethel children on a daily basis: Susan Garrigues and Val Gilkisson, Prairie Mountain; Dariano Mancuso, Bethel Community Transition Network; Rick On and Ramona O’kin, Cascade; Debbie Jaros, Danebo; Samantha Bullock, Irving; Bonnie Hutchings, Meadow View.

Debbi Holte Receives ACE Award For Teachers

Irving teacher Debbi Holte received the 2018 ACE Award from superintendent Chris Parra.

Congratulations to Irving’s Debbi Holte, Bethel’s ACE Award winner for teachers. She was surprised with the award at a school-wide assembly.

Debbi’s nomination explained how she challenges and encourages students, and gets them excited about learning.

She is also a leader district-wide by hosting a Demonstration Classroom. Teachers throughout Bethel come Debbi’s classroom to observe excellent teaching and instructional practices in action.

Along with a beautiful plaque, Debbi receives $1,000 to be used for the school program of her choice.

Share your congratulations with the other Teacher ACE Award nominees in Bethel: Catelin Thompson and Val Michalenko, Shasta; Kathleen Petty, Martha Humphreys, Joe Freuen and Nan Petersen, Willamette; Gaby Caulkins and Logan Grasseth, Cascade; Cindy Adkisson, Prairie Mountain; MaryAnne Gates, Clear Lake/Shasta; Elise Kampfer, Malabon.

The ACE Awards for Classified and Volunteers will be announced soon.

Nominations Open For ACE Awards

For the 13th consecutive year, the ACE Awards will recognize the incredible work of Bethel staff and volunteers. Nominations are being accepted through April 29th.

Sponsored by the Eugene-Springfield business community under the leadership of Oregon Community Credit Union, the ACE Awards strive to recognize the people who are making a difference in the lives of our children.

The outstanding contributions of Bethel educators will be honored in four categories: Teachers (& licensed staff), Classified staff, Administrators and Volunteers.

The winner in each category will receive a handsome plaque and $1,000 to be used for the school program of their choice.

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This year, rather than holding a large-scale event to recognize the combined winners from Bethel, Eugene 4J and Springfield, the winning Bethel educators will be recognized with a presentation at their school or department. These surprise presentations will take place the week of May 21st.

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